Monday, February 14, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Backstage with Charlie Brackney.

Artist and curator JM Culver snaps work by Elisa Kari Berry at Stevens Square Center for the Arts.

Franz Diego rocks some serious bling at the Get Cryphy 3-Year Anniversary party. Photo by Matthias Sarazine.

Seekins/Sequins: Scott Seekins and Danielle Morris pal around at the Pink Mink video shoot for the song "Seeking Scott Seekins."

Stephanie Glaros shares images from her photo essay "Girls Next Door" a striking collection of images from strip clubs and sex shops in Minneapolis.

Former Minneapolitans and current New York Citians, Coco & Breezy, get whippable sassy new 'dos.

Tallgrass beer rep Rob Shellman makes ice cream-stout floats. We find this strangely appealing.

Kari Schuster shares some pix from a recent trip to Grand Marais. Pretty!

Photographer Stephanie Hynes posts some of her older work, including this gorgeous and moody portrait.

Karin Odell snaps some melting action.

More melting action: Chris Cook finds GRASS.

Ben Clark shoots Meredith Westin and Erik Hess shooting "Coloring Time" at the Anthology opening at XYandZ Gallery.

Stephanie Colgan shares some backstage beauty with us from NY Fashion Week, where she's documenting for the New York Times.

Sharyn Morrow picks up a MILF cookie at Cake Eater Bakery.

Chuck Olson gets arty with his iphone.

Marcus Metropolis shares a few of his black and white film shots from various live shows. Love this one of the Goondas!

Jaime Carrera shoots Marvel from Chowgirls putting the finishing touches on her Vegetarian Curry dish for Gastro Non Grata.

Steve Tenebrini is prepared for anything.

Leave it up to local art sweetheart Amy Rice to own a collection of antique love letters.

Serah Sauser snaps her adorable daughter Ava getting gussied up in her finest Grammy ensemble.

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