Sunday, April 17, 2011

Locally crowdsourced video drops: Sweat Up In My Creases

You may recall when last September we posted a video-sourcing call for what's now been dubbed "The Official-Unofficial Crowdsourced Minneapolis Jam of Summer 2011."

The story goes that Paula Biondich of Mono was really hot at work one day. She (jokingly) started crowd sourcing hip-hop lyrics to the verse "Sweat Up In My Creases" and the rest is history. Now you can enjoy this gross yet oh-so-true anthem in a slickly produced music video format--just in time for the "sweaty" season.

The website says:

"Inspired by what seemed to be the longest Minneapolis winter ever, we took to Facebook and crowdsourced lyrics for a hip-hop song dedicated to being hot. The best, funniest, most tangential, and HOTTEST rhymes got produced."


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