Monday, May 2, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Daniel Peet uploads some new black and white photography. We like!

Hanna Von Der Hoff vamps for photographers Miles Schuster and Filipe Marques. Lovely!

Mary O'Regan snaps some May Day Parade shots for her blog, Art of Wore.

Walking with tigers! Photo by Christian Erickson.

Crooked Teeth Magazine's Catilin Angelica goofs around on a photo shoot.

Brooke Aldrich of Pop Inc. rocks out at Ground Zero. Pic by Sarah Moeding.

Hanna Jungbauer frolics in a field in the English countryside while on vaca. #jealous

Emily Konkler is stylin'! Love the tights!

Steve Marsh gets a sweet shot of the deflated dome from the Guthrie

Thea Jensen finds some sidewalk love.

Aegis Foundation president Will Panzerella checks out a pretty "Sweet" art exhibit in Chicago. Nice tie too!

The Midway Contemporary Art benefit at the Jeune Lune was pretty amazing. The flower/lantern chandelier by Bastian & Skoog was gorgeous!

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Submitted by @theiverson

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  1. LOVE THE CROOKED TEETH PIC- GENIOUS! Also, Tiger walking, May Day + Sidewalk <3, what's not to L-O-V-E? Thanks for these!