Monday, May 16, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Crooked Teeth Magazine's Caitlin Angelica curls up for a photo shoot. Neat composition!

Baby in the boardroom! Via Karen Cayetano Leano.

Permanent Art & Design Group's Mike Bishop oversees the Art-A-Whirl prep behind the Sample Room Restaurant.

Jessa Alt rocks the hilarious "anonymous photo" sunglasses from American Apparel that everyone was loling about last week.

Best tag ever. Photo by Eric Lee.

Mike Scholtz comes out of hibernation for what we think is a short film (details, anyone?) We can't help but love a dude in a bear suit. Pic by Valerie Coit.

Brian Yang Hoffman visits the Elim Cemetary in Scandia, MN.

Sean Smuda returns from his trip to France in style.

Trev Fenner snaps pals Marvel and Trevor at the Punk Rock Prom. QT!

WANT. Photo by Paul Gillis.

Brian Hart gets all designy a cool photo. We like!

Dave Enblom uploads a final picture of "Graffiti Bridge" (remember the Prince movie?) before its demolition.

Laser wizard Max McDougall and friend put the finishing touches on a major project.

Alexis McKinnis gets a very honest fortune.

Sohail Justin Akhavein gets his extreme swing on. Fun! Photo by Wei Lin.

City Pages takes us on a tour of a number of iconic covers, from Sweet Potato to City Pages. Full slide show here.

Mary O'Regan snaps some stylish ladies for her blog, Art of Wore, at the Retrorama fashion show.

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