Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Yep. That's famed soprano Maria Jette floating down the river in a boat-sized laser dress singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for the finale of Permanent Art & Design's multi-media project, Czeslaw's Loop, on Saturday night! Photo by Christian Erickson.

Another shot of trippy scene on the river on Saturday as captured by Mark Wojahn.

Marijuana Deathsquads' Isaac Gale rocks the mic during Act One of Czeslaw's Loop on Friday Night. More pix from @benbrlsq here.

Tornados ripped through the state this weekend, decimating a large part of North Minneapolis. Slideshow on City Pages here. Photo by Tony Webster.

Photographer Serah captures R&B babe Mayda rocking out at the Guthrie's Costume Ball on Saturday.

David Enblom montages some cool photos together.

Chuck Olsen captures Holly Newsom of Zoo Animal rocking out at the 331 Club's Art-A-Whirl party.

The Anthem Heart crew debuts a new Twin Cities-centric t-shirt design for their annual Art-A-Whirl live print-a-thon.

Nancy Sartor snaps a cool arty shot off Grumpy's patio.

Lollycopter designer Jaon Vorderbruggen hams it up in her studio over Art-A-Whirl.

Art movers n' shakers Molly Bloom and Andy DuCett get hitched at the Varsity Theater and make the marquee their own, true to form.

SpringCon 2011 appeared to be a fantastically nerdy affair! Photo by Jason Thomas.

The show must go on! Cliche's Crosswalk fashion show still happened despite the rain.

Drummer Charles Gehr celebrates a victorious set at Grumpy's Art-A-Whirl party.

Arts n' crafts at Art-A-Whirl! LOL. Pic by Tracy Tabery-Weller.

Rogue Citizen gets their live paint on during Hoolie Fest/Art-A-Whirl.

The Ascots back up Roseanne Cash and Sandra Bernhardt at Wits on Friday. Pretty damn cool!

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