Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian vs. Minnesota

Kim Kardashian hates Minnesota. She possibly divorced her husband over it. But that's OK, because we hate her too.

BONUS: Check out this hilarious article on the subject via City Pages here.

Submitted by @marrina.

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  1. kim i think you just ruined your repetation for life. no matter what you say and how you say it marriage is nothing to be played with . your father would be ashamed of you. what woman does not want a fairy tale wedding, but you don't do something like that at the exspence and time of other people. the proper thing for you to do is to give each and ever person that came to your wedding there money back for the gifts they spent on you and you should pay for the wedding. you may find another man but not one likeCHRIS!!whom i believe really loved you and was there for you no matter what. you think minnesota was beneath you but famous people come from minnesota too. you could have lived in bearpath which is a gated community or in a mansion in the city. you did not have to make this your permanet home it could have been one of your homes and for you to lorate his home was not nice. you should be thankful anyone wants to be with you after the sex tape but no one is beating you down for that!! You knew chris loved animals before you married him so why did you think that would ever change. asking him to put his animals in a
    gage is like asking you to shave all your hair off your head. kim i think you will see your viewers decline from watching your reality show, i think you see a decline in people shopping at your stores. what you did this time is worst than the sex tape. marriage is an arrangement from GOD not man and GOD is not one to be mocked just to have a fairy tale wedding. As for children i think you just blew your chance from havingCHILDREN from a great father. Minnesota is a very family oriented state and the men really believe in being there for there children and you need to understand you are not getting younger. i really believe chris loved you and would have spent the rest of his life with you and lets get one thing straight minnesotans do not need anybody's money when the going gets tough they just turn to family. if chris lost money or is in a jam he does not need your money to survive. all he needs to do is turn to his family and he will have help for LIFE!!!! cause that how minnesotans do it!!!
    Kim for you to cry for your dad the way you did knowing all along you was doing this for a fairytale wedding is so disrespectful to your decease father and to cut his shirt and have it sown into your wedding dress knowing that you where not geniue was a disrespect to your deceased father.

    the only thing i have to say to you chris is to clean up your apperance weather you are in the spotlight or not. Your father is a well groomed man and your sister carries herself well although she can use some fashion advice as far as wearing clothes that compliments her as a full figure woman, she is still neat and clean looking.
    chris you are a handsome but your appearance looks like you roled out of bed forgot to shave and just put on some clothes from highschool and left the house. take some pointers from your dad he is very well groomed.

    to chris's mom...smart move staying out the spot light with a daughter in law like that who needs enemies!!!!