Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gaga does Yoga

Tricia Khutoretsky was gettin' her yoga on today at CorePower on Washington when in walks the one and only Lady Gaga! Read all about it below!

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Kanye debuts "Monster" track with Bon Iver

Holy crizzap! We told you about Justin Vernon flying to Hawaii to record with Kanye; little did we know that he would invite Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj to te party.

Stereogum has the scoop: “Monster” is the second track from Watch The Throne, a five song collection announced the other day via @kanyewest. Sorry, Justin doesn’t rap.

Listen to the track at Stereogum.com.

Via @kanyewest

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Haunted Basement tix on sale tonight at Midnight!

The scariest/awesomest haunted house in Minnesota (possibly the world) is back! The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement returns for another year starting October 1st and running through Halloween - and tickets go on sale TONIGHT at Midnight (technically Sept 1st). Tickets WILL and ALWAYS sell out, so we suggest you hop to it if you want to check it out!

The annual tour is something you have to see to believe. The sprawling, artist-designed haunted extravaganza is held in the Soap Factory's terrifying basement -- a basement we're even scared to enter during the day in the off-season. It features a labyrinth of creepy vignettes, startling monsters, wicked smells (yes, a couple scientists actually manufacture gross smells to permeate the premises), and much more. Definitely not for the faint of heart: All attendees need to be 18+ AND sign a waiver before entering.

Follow @HauntedBasement on Twitter for sneak peeks, updates and spookiness to get you in the mood.

Check out a few preview pix via soapfactory.org:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lady Gaga takes over the Twin Cities Tweet beat

Are you getting jazzed about Lady Gaga's sold-out show tonight at Xcel? We know we are! We'll be live-Tweeting all night @letoilemagazine. Here's what you all are talking about:

Jessica Damsgard uploads a pic of Lady Gaga's tour bus.


If you're dressed up you'll want to get you photo taken by Vita.mn main man Caros Gonzalez!

Not weird at all!

Holy cats - 27 semis?!

A perfect match to the ladyslipper jacket @emmamplsart is making for Gaga!

But wait, have there been any Gaga sightings yet??

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Sean Smuda pays a visit to the Emerge...ncy room!

Diz-amn! Our girl Hannah von der Hoff is smokin'! You may remember Hannah as the model from l'etoile's "Jubilee" event campaign in 2009. Photo by Filipe Marques.

Mos Def played the Guthrie last Monday, utilizing the pre-existing set of "A Streetcar Named Desire" - how cool is that? Full slideshow by Jon Behm at City Pages here.

Janey Winterbauer rocks out at the Paul McCartney Tribute show at 1st Ave. Slideshow by Steve Cohen at City Pages here.

Christine Ojala snaps a cute Grandma-Grandson moment while on a trip to Grand Marais.

Stephen Trevino snaps off a phone pic of the runway at Brian Graham Salon's "Haute" Fashion Show.

Kris Henning and Tom Bartel have officially relocated to Ecuador! The view from their doorstep.

Clair Molepske captures the scene during the closing weekend of Jeremey Catterton's "The Polish Pugilist" at 1419.

WTF Pic o' the Week: Punk poet Paul Dickinson and artist/writer Andy Sturdevant...play a game of tennis! Photo by Sheila Regan.

Hilary Davis recently moved from MPLS to NYC, where they apparently have really cool old-timey mirrors as walls.

BNLX lookin' bad ass at the Kitty Cat Klub this weekend. Photo by Christian Erickson.

Speaking of BNLX, we're recently obsessed with looking at pix of Ed and Ashley's dog, Wiggy. Adorb!

Kathy Conway snaps a bat. Disgusting yet fascinating.

Brad Zellar gets a bunch of super awesome shots at the State Fair. This one especially makes us LOL.

Um. YES. Bloody Mary bar! With an economy size container of cheese puffs? Awesome. Photo by Lindsey Tauer.

Dave Wolfe's new Facebook profile pic is pretty bad ass.

Upload a cool pic this week? Send it to us for consideration in next week's edition of This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures!

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Weekend Twitterings

Check out the latest edition of Weekend Twitterings if you want to know who bought 16 oz glitter and who is listening to Lady Gaga while mowing the lawn. Hint: we're talking about two grown men here. Enjoy!



Someone super classy!

Just an FYI.

The pressure is on!


Yes, yes it was. ( Shirtless DJ, Lady Gaga songs, you get it)

That's a lot of glitter.

Busy, busy!

Scandalous indeed!

Ah, the possibilities at the State Fair!

#precious and #classy, most definitely.

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Lady Gaga flashmob descends upon Nicollet Mall

On Saturday night at 9:30 p.m., a flashmob of people doing the Lady Gaga dance from "Bad Romance" descended upon Nicollet Mall near Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, just outside the WCCO-TV headquarters.

UPDATE: Higher-quality video was just uploaded by @kraabel.

See video below, or click here for WCCO's video broadcast another view of the mob (not embeddable).

Via Jessica Damsgard on Facebook

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Friday, August 27, 2010

The State Fair is Here!

Rejoice Minnesotans, the State Fair is back! How was the first day? Well, we tracked your tweets through #MNstatefair and #statefair hashtags and our conclusion is: you ate a lot (mostly things that put KFC's Double Down to shame) and you were mega excited to see Boyz II Men.

Scroll down for selected tweets and photos:

Via TheMadjai

Via thumbsopposed

Via gurayn.

And bigboxcar saw Prince at the Fair:

Bonus: Debra Fisher Goldstein posts pics from the first day of the State Fair at Beyondthestick.com

Hot Dish reviews worst new foods at the Fair.

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