Monday, August 9, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

@jordiebirder captures a serene moment at the Uptown Art Fair.

Paul Duhram: Master of the pretentiously artsy self-portrait.

Cool chicks party it up in the Glamorama photo booth.

The Roberts/Forbes clan goes to the cabin. Jealous.

Stacy Schwartz snaps Carl Swanson jumping, which is not an uncommon pose for him!

Rob McBroom gets cuddly with that is!

Daisy Nguyen goes on vacation. Pretty!

Rachel Thompson snaps the strange scene outside of Cult Status Gallery.

Sean Smuda gets a funny pic of a chicken on the loose near Chicago & Lake

LOL! Things have really gone downhill for ex-Minneapolite Lauren Schad since since she moved to NYC!

Robyn Lewis snaps her friend Emily in a, um, compromising position at the "Smell the Glove" art show at CO Exhibitions.

Andy Ducett snaps this brilliant photo of the Riverview Theater. Love!

Molly Crumley snaps this trippy pic of herself at the Mill City Museum.

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