Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ringo Starr wears Electric Fetus t-shirt at the Grammys!

Aw! @Solace (whose wife was first to spot it) and @POP_INC tweet a pic from TMZ that features the iconic Beatle wearing a t-shirt from our own hometown record store, the Electric Fetus, at the Grammys tonight! How awesome is that?

UPDATE: Earlier today, Star Tribune's Jon Bream ousted events director Christian-Philippe Quilici, Ringo's nephew, as the local connection between the shirt and the rock legend.

Last month, CPQ requested we take down a previous post that contained info on his family connections and we, of course, graciously complied, but after this report surface, he's come clean about his connection to Ringo on In a nice twist, the event has given national exposure to Electric Fetus, which is holding a fundraiser show later this month to raise funds for repairs sustained during last year's tornado.

From CPQ's post: "My aunt and uncle e-mailed me this morning in response to my amazement at 'the shirt that set Minneapolis hipster Twitter-feeds aflame' last night and they expressed their support for the store especially in light of their fund-raising efforts to repair the tornado damage from this past summer. They lamented that they 'don't see many record stores around anymore' and were happy to play what little part they could in celebrating the Electric Fetus."

We think it's pretty great that CPQ's family connection has brought attention to independent record stores in general, and Electric Fetus in particular during this challenging time for them.

Submitted by @l'etoilemagazine

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

MPR Marketing Coordinator Matt Perkins toted around "The Current Party 'Stache" at Friday's anniversary party at First Ave, snapping pics of over 100 peeps "wearing" it. Hopefully he burned it afterward. Pictured: Grant Cutler of Lookbook

Scott Puhl goes on an icy adventure at Minnehaha Creek.

David Wetzel snaps mirror images Maryanne Shew and Jackie Bateman facing off at Rock the Cause's 3rd annual Glitterball. Metromix has a nice gallery of images up as well.

St. Paul photog Rhea Pappas posts a sneak peek at her latest underwater series and announces an Art-A-Whirl show at Icebox Gallery!

There is all together too much WIN in this photo set of the Powderhorn Art Sled Rally. Awesome and crazy!

Kevin O'Meara captures the hijinx at last Sunday's inaugural show at secret location venue Glitterboxxx and posts it all on his blog, Online Egos.

Molly and Charlie Forbes' dog routinely slays us with his cuteness! This dog, btw, has his own facebook page.

Christian Erickson gets this great shot of Kill to Kill playing at the 7th Street Entry on Saturday.

Elsworth Mens guru Jordin Filas snaps a look by Danielle Everine at the Voltage Media and Buyers preview. More images by Staciaann Photography here.

Jeremy Messersmith plays a show in Duluth over the weekend and enjoys quite a festive breakfast at the Ellery house B&B. Yum! Also, LOL.

The pretty minds behind Ignite Modeling Agency ham it up for the camera.

Derrick Lewis gets this great shot of Bella Koshka violinist Hilary Davis on a weekend trip to Chicago.

Producer and film guru Chuck Olson snaps this vivid shot for a participatory art project that will be on display at Art of This Gallery in May.

Our pal Christian Erickson captures more of the awesomeness of the Current's Birthday Bash

Artist, writer and man-about-town Andy Sturdevant plays a little artsy shoot 'em up at 1419's "Game On" interactive art party. Photo by Juana Berrio. (insert terrorist joke here)

We had no idea art director Leslie Plesser was such a great photographer! This epic shot of P.O.S. (and many others from The Current's 5-Year B-Day Party) can be found on her website.

The Rogue Citizen art collective just posted some pix of a live painting event they did at the Nomad last month.

Submitted by @letoilemagazine and @marrina

Weekend Twitterings

The Current's 5th year anniversary party was definitely the highlight of the weekend, but we collected not only the tweets from the folks who were there but also from those of you who were scattered around the city in search of good times. The new edition of Weekend Twitterings is here!

And that's what you call a "hot ticket".

Bummer. Oh, wait..

Ta dah!

You and us both.

Wait for it.....

And there it is. LOL!

Aw, we're blushing!

wow, somebody was really hungry and/or hungover

Ah, good ol' day drinking....

We pretty much can't wait to see the photos from the snuggie party.

It's good to be prepared for the inevitable.

That's our kind of party!

This it cannot be as funny as it is in our heads.

A girl/alcoholic after our own heart.

There are just certain places you just shouldn't check in at on FourSquare.

We make dreams come true.

Submitted by @marrina and @letoilemagazine

Friday, January 29, 2010

OMG! Prince rumored to appear at First Avenue

OMG! We just heard from a little birdie (i.e., on good authority) that none other than Prince is rumored to make an appearance at tonight's five-year birthday show thrown by our friends at 89.3 The Current. The sold-out show will feature a stellar lineup of some of our favorite local acts - Solid Gold, P.O.S., Lookbook, Mason Jennings, and The Twilight Hours.

UPDATE: One of our tipsters just got word from a "Radio DJ who will remain nameless" that the MPR crew just got a call from Prince's handler asking about set times for tonight!!!

UPDATE: Prince totally showed up at 1st Ave last night! @Gimme_Noise reported via Twitter that The Current's Jim McGuinn said Prince wanted to come out to show his support for the station. He unfortunately didn't perform, but he did give starstruck fans something to tweet about, that's for sure!

It may be a long shot, but The Purple One sure has been making the rounds lately, and First Avenue is like his second home, so we're crossing our fingers that it's true! We scored tickets, so we'll be Twittering our findings tonight.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

LOL/OMG Link of the Day

What you are about to see is not your typical "dog video." This dog is not catching Frisbees or chasing cars. He is the death metal dog! Thanks to Erica Mayer for sharing a link to the video that made our editor "screech and clap her hands like a mongoloid!!"

Submitted by @marrina Hotness Pre-party report

We were lucky enough to be in attendance for the Hotness pre-party and photo shoot last night at Bradstreet and Graves 601 Hotel and hung with the Hotties. But per honcho Simon Peter Groebner's request, we swore we wouldn't tell! You'll find out on February 10 at the Hotness Party at the Graves 601 Hotel. We can confirm at least four of our picks made it to the finals, and you won't be disappointed!

[Photo by Leslie Plesser] art director Leslie Plesser did post this "preview" on her flickr page to satiate your senses.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

David De Young reaches a FourSquare milestone!

Kudos to honcho, David De Young, on his 200th FourSquare check-in at King's Wine Bar. For those of you who follow DDY on twitter or Facebook know that the local staple is ALWAYS hanging out at King's and it's become sort of an inside joke on the social media circuit. Looking for David? Well, he's probably at King's right now, eating lunch and running his online empire from the bar.

Congrats, dude!

submitted by @letoilemagazine

Local fashion gets Twitterized

Ah, we love technology. Last night we were so busy with various deadlines that we had to give away our ticket to Cliche Boutique's annual "Avoid the Grey" fashion show. Lucky for us, METRO Magazine's fashion editor and gal about town, Mary O'Regan, was on the scene tweeting pics, almost 20 of them in fact. We (almost) feel like we were there! It looks like the presentation of the show was quite original and interesting, with models on individual platforms instead of a traditional runway. Some theatrical elements even came into play when the models swung axes! (Could this be in reference to a photo shoot l'etoile agency did for Cliche a few months back?)

The show featured 16 talented local designers that sell their work at the hip Uptown shop. Here are just a few of the pics, check Mary's Twitter account to find almost 20 twitpics from the event. And keep your eyes peeled for an official review of the show from l'etoile fashion editor, Jahna Peloquin!

Cliche models with Axes!

Looks by Sydney Ilten

Looks by Red Shoe Clothing Co.

Submitted by @letoilemagazine

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Link of the Day: JustJudyJudyJudy

Welcome to the first ever edition of "LOL/OMG link of the day" Starting today, we will (try to) find the coolest, most interesting link that you posted on Facebook, Twitter or your personal blog and we will share it with the rest of the world!

That being said, our first ever link of the day was shared by Judy Grundstrom, of JustJudyJudyJudy blog. Judy realized today that her father knows how to use the internet. Not only does he know how to use it, but he's been blogging since 2007! In all honestly, we all love our moms and dads, but we don't ever want to connect with them online unless it's through personal emails. We've heard horror stories of parents joining Facebook and sending their kids friend requests that they SO wanted to ignore but couldn't. There is even a website devoted to that topic appropriately entitled Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook.

Judy, unlike many of us, loves the fact that her dad is a blogger. (note: she hasn't yet discovered if he's on Facebook or Twitter, which he probably is). He clearly talks to a certain demographic, but he is taking his blogging very seriously, adding just enough humor to make it fun (like when he said Don was a moron). That header is pretty awesome too.

Are your parents into blogging and social networking?? How are you dealing with that? Support groups, fake profiles?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Really Apple? Really?

Months and months of internet rumors, fake photos and outrageous speculations are over - Apple has finally released the deets on their highly anticipated tablet device. Expectations were high and what Steve Jobs gave us this morning at the San Francisco event left a lot of people disappointed (no flash, usb or camera, were some of the biggest complaints).

Interestingly enough, the thing that people complained about the most was the official name of the device - iPad. Clearly, comparisons to a certain female hygiene product were inevitable and local Tweeps had a few things to say about that too:

Click here only if you really want to see that TwitPic.
So, how does iPad sound to you?

Submitted by @marrina

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the real DeRusha please stand up?

You know you're reached a certain level of fame when you get your own online impersonator. Michael Bay has one, Rahm Emmanuel has one, and now WCCO's Jason DeRusha has one too. Famed local TV persona who in the recent years has established a very strong presence on the local intranetz, posted this on his Twitter page this morning:

Fake DeRusha, who's been secretly tweeting since last October, cleverly mocks real DeRusha's trademarks: good question and jason cam, the daily features he runs on WCCO. Good question turns into bad question and jason cam becomes not jason cam. Get it? This guy (or a girl?) is like Jon Bovi, the Bon Jovi opposite cover band from SNL! To get a taste of what the fake DeRusha is all about, we have sampled a few tweets:

Real DeRusha is being gracious about the entire thing, as we expected him to be. But I am sure he is dying to know who is behind this initiative? Do you have any suspects??