Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's With Coco?

We kinda knew based on a bunch of local Twitter chatter that you guys liked Conan O'Brien, but we had no idea you liked him THAT much. KARE 11 (who is an NBC affiliate) announced just this morning that a group of O'Brien super fans decided to organize a "MN Coco Rally". Apparently, "Local supporters of Conan O'Brien are planning a protest outside the KARE 11 studio in Minneapolis in response to NBC's decision to move Jay Leno back to the Tonight Show, pushing Conan out." The Facebook event page has a more detailed description of what will happen at this rally. For example: participants are encouraged to bring along COCO posters, banners, t-shirts, wigs and of course, to make this a "PEACEFUL event".

Too bad the event was organized the night before another, even bigger announcement: O'Brien signed an agreement early Thursday to part ways with NBC, which basically makes the rally irrelevant. O'Brien will reportedly get a $32.5 million payout for himself and roughly $12 million for his staff. Within a matter of months he will probably get an even better show on a new network. Coco is going to be fine. As for the organizers of the MN Coco Rally- they're not giving up. They updated the Facebook event page this morning saying: " We're still going to celebrate Conan's years of excellence and his future in host a nightly television on another network." Great, because we can't wait to see the local look-a-likes in red wigs!

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