Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

MPR Marketing Coordinator Matt Perkins toted around "The Current Party 'Stache" at Friday's anniversary party at First Ave, snapping pics of over 100 peeps "wearing" it. Hopefully he burned it afterward. Pictured: Grant Cutler of Lookbook

Scott Puhl goes on an icy adventure at Minnehaha Creek.

David Wetzel snaps mirror images Maryanne Shew and Jackie Bateman facing off at Rock the Cause's 3rd annual Glitterball. Metromix has a nice gallery of images up as well.

St. Paul photog Rhea Pappas posts a sneak peek at her latest underwater series and announces an Art-A-Whirl show at Icebox Gallery!

There is all together too much WIN in this photo set of the Powderhorn Art Sled Rally. Awesome and crazy!

Kevin O'Meara captures the hijinx at last Sunday's inaugural show at secret location venue Glitterboxxx and posts it all on his blog, Online Egos.

Molly and Charlie Forbes' dog routinely slays us with his cuteness! This dog, btw, has his own facebook page.

Christian Erickson gets this great shot of Kill to Kill playing at the 7th Street Entry on Saturday.

Elsworth Mens guru Jordin Filas snaps a look by Danielle Everine at the Voltage Media and Buyers preview. More images by Staciaann Photography here.

Jeremy Messersmith plays a show in Duluth over the weekend and enjoys quite a festive breakfast at the Ellery house B&B. Yum! Also, LOL.

The pretty minds behind Ignite Modeling Agency ham it up for the camera.

Derrick Lewis gets this great shot of Bella Koshka violinist Hilary Davis on a weekend trip to Chicago.

Producer and film guru Chuck Olson snaps this vivid shot for a participatory art project that will be on display at Art of This Gallery in May.

Our pal Christian Erickson captures more of the awesomeness of the Current's Birthday Bash

Artist, writer and man-about-town Andy Sturdevant plays a little artsy shoot 'em up at 1419's "Game On" interactive art party. Photo by Juana Berrio. (insert terrorist joke here)

We had no idea art director Leslie Plesser was such a great photographer! This epic shot of P.O.S. (and many others from The Current's 5-Year B-Day Party) can be found on her website.

The Rogue Citizen art collective just posted some pix of a live painting event they did at the Nomad last month.

Submitted by @letoilemagazine and @marrina

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