Friday, January 8, 2010

MIA's 'Foot in the Door' exhibit invites you to show your work!

Attention Minnesota artists! Have you dreamed about showing your work in a major museum? Well, here's your chance! Every decade since 1980, the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP ) and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts have co-hosted “Foot in the Door”—the state’s largest art exhibition—showcasing thousands of works of art by artists living in Minnesota. Anyone who considers himself or herself an artist is encouraged to submit a work of art. The only requirement for inclusion is that each work of art must fit within a one-foot cube.

Last time, they had over 1700 works them break that record!

Registration information and additional details are available HERE.

Photo by Gina Lazar


  1. Thanks for the post! We think this year's exhibition will be BIG!

  2. Thanks for spreading the word! It's never been easier to have your work on display in the museum. Come for the party on Feb. 18, 6pm!