Monday, January 25, 2010

Doppelgänger Week!

Things go viral on Facebook almost every week; whether it's some random keyboard cat video or women posting color of their bras in support of breast cancer, there's always something fun for us to do on our favorite social network. Remember a few months ago when everybody turned into animated Mad Men characters? That was great. Although we are sad to see that "Jersey Shore Yourself" did not achieve similar success, there is something even better: doppelgänger week.

The description that people have been posting online says :"January 18th starts Doppelgänger week.. during this week please change your profile picture to someone famous you have been told you look like for the week...". Fun! Random celebrity photos started popping out on people's profiles, which ignited all sorts of conversations, because, let's be honest - we all like to think we have a hot celebrity look a like. So, we did some browsing and we found some local peeps who are actually strikingly similar to their celeb doppelgängers.

The Olson Twins aka local writer Kara Nesvig

Michelle Williams aka Songstress Janey Winterbauer

Greg Brady aka l'étoile homie Brian Gioielli

That guy from The Office aka Mike Evans

Thoughts? And photos please!

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  1. I just learned about Doppelganger week yesterday so after Myheritage failed me (by saying I look like Mellisa Joan hart), my friend told me I looked like Regan Gomez-Preston so she is up on my facebook profile now. I think its a hilarious thing to do I also wrote a blog on Doppelganger week...well, on how to defeat you own Doppelganger id you ever encounter them. =)