Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Thomas Berg does some Winter urban exploration.

Kurt Froehlich heads to Medicine Lake to check out the Art Shanty Projects

Photographe Nate Levine snapped a pic of this happy dog that makes us LOL and want to explode from cute overload!

We love this ethereal picture of sassy dame and socialite, Melinda Jacobs, taken by the talented Jennifer Cress! We want to be Melly when we grow up. Well, Melly and Auntie Mame.

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival posts some great pics from past events on their Facebook page.

Secrets of the City honcho Matt Bartel posts some belated pics from his summer vaca in Washington. Only a couple more months until Spring!

Loren Kollmar snaps this weird/cool photo at Pink Hobo Gallery

Lindsey Olsen captures the Minnesota Winter with friends.

Photographer Jenn Barnett captures the craziness of snow kiting on Turtle Lake.

Another recently uploaded Jenn Barnett shot from last year's Voltage: Fashion Amplified

TC Daily Planet arts editor Jay Gabler snaps this super sweet shot at the Guthrie's Dowling Studio.

Performance artist Jaime Carrera (also winner of l'etoile's "Best Gay of 2009" award) gears up for his next show on January 29th at the Bedlam Theater "Carolesque" a performance piece based on the work of Carol Channing!

Artist Chuck U and rapper Big Zach ham it up at Chuck's art opening at Nicademus Art. Photo by Sam Ungemach.

Red Bird Hills Photography did a photoshoot with clothing by fashion designer Ariel Simone at the Architectural Antiques Building in Northeast Minneapolis and got some great shots. This brings back memories -- I used to run an art gallery and studio out of this building called DENSITY.

More Cowbell's Kyle Matteson snapped this fiery looking shot of the Wells Fargo Building in the late night fog.

Another sweet shot by Kyle Matteson at the Red Pens' show. Laura Bennett was having trouble with her kick drum pushing forward, even with the 2 cinder blocks in front of it, so someone brought out a keg & a case of Red Stripe to use instead!

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