Monday, January 11, 2010

The Red Pens get written up on Pitchfork!

Local music blogger/producer/promoter Jon Jon Scott aka Sound Verite re-tweeted an interesting tidbit this morning! Hot on the heels of local group, Solid Gold, getting their just dues on last week, another of the Twin Cities hottest acts is getting the same treatment!

The Red Pens make the grade on the famed music site, where the reviewer gives props to the track "Weekdays" stating,"Bennett's Hubley-esque backing beat is slack but never flaccid, and Hamilton's grainy recording is purposely no-frills but definitely not amateur. Most surprising though is the fully amplified guitar, the wall-rattling feedback providing a much-needed antidote for Hamilton's housebound malaise. If the neighbors weren't deaf to begin with, they certainly are now."

Congrats you guys!!! Well deserved.

Read the whole review HERE.

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