Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

Happy Monday and welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Twitterings. You will find some completely silly tweets below. No joke. Cat shows? Sweaters in July? Yes, scroll down to see that and much more:

That's uptown for ya.


There is a show called Celebrity Ghost stories??

This is true.

Oh, no.

Nerd alert!



Trust us, that's a good thing.

Grandmas throw the best Birthday parties.

Crazy, isn't it?

It was insanely HOT outside for the Red Stag Block Party.

Kaeti, you are a good friend.

This is never fun.



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Friday, July 29, 2011


Finally, somebody said it: planking is just plain dumb.

For more, check out Bryan's Facebook page.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video: Tay Zonday performs "My Way" at karaoke

Here's a little dose of weird to get you through the afternoon: Tay Zonday performing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" at Barney's Beanery karaoke in Hollywood last night. "Who?" you ask? You should remember the then-University of Minnesota grad student's Internet hit "Chocolate Rain" back in 2007. Since then, the baritone-voiced singer did a promo video for Dr Pepper called "Cherry Chocolate Rain," and not much else. Seems his 15 minutes of Internet fame are up.

Via Tay Zonday on Facebook
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Moon Glyph's Pitchfork sampler now a free download

When local experimental music label Moon Glyph (home to the likes of Claps, Food Pyramid, Buffalo Moon and Magic Castles) went to Pitchfork Festival, they brought with them a free sampler that earned them a writeup in Pitchfork-affiliated, psychedelic-underground blog Altered Zones. Now you can download the sampler for free by clicking this handy link.


1. Buffalo Moon - "Black Magic"
2. Velvet Davenport - "Weather"
3. Dead Luke - "If You Love Me"
4. Magic Castles - "Roger Beguine"
5. Forma - "FORMA 145A"
6. Food Pyramid - "ATM"
7. Xander Harris - "Redemption In Blood"
8. Claps - "Glory, Glory"
9. Larry Wish & His Guys - "On One Condition"
10. Camden - "New Valley of Death"
11. Lee Noble - "Tattooed Eyes in Jail" (KXLU) (excerpt)
12. Dylan Ettinger - "ACC_01"
13. Ghostband - "Melusine"
14. Tender Meat - "Brenda's Closet"

Via Chris Riemenschneider on Facebook
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Video: Howler performs in parents' kitchen for NME

Well ain't this cute: Minneapolis band (and NME darlings) Howler performed and acoustic version of "You Like White Women, I Like Cigarettes" in singer Jordan's parents' kitchen, exclusively for NME. Look for their debut EP This One's Different out on Monday on Rough Trade.

Via Howler on Facebook
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Join l'etoile for the premiere of Project Runway Season 9 tonight!

Join l'etoile and Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen each Thursday as we host weekly 8 p.m. screenings of Project Runway Season 9 in the Caterpillar Lounge!

This season features one of our very own: talented local designer Danielle Everine! Cheer Danielle on whilst sipping stylish drink specials (including the $6 special "Everine Fizz") and noshing upon Pham's delectable bar menu. Danielle herself, as well as season six contestant Christopher Straub, plan to flatter us with appearances from time to time, so bring your autograph books, eh?

During the show, Tweet your reactions along with the hashtag #projectrunway. Former Minneapolis contestant Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman (@ramonlawrence) will be live Tweeting for the show @projectrunway during the premiere episode this week!

Show up early to get a good seat (screening starts at 8pm sharp!) then stick around afterward for a DJ set by Plain Ole Bill and more drink and app specials beginning at 10 p.m.

The Principal of Minneapolis has a message for you...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Astronautalis "Dimitri Mendeleev" track released

There's no doubt in our minds that the upcoming Astronautalis album This is Our Science (releasing Sept 13th) will be EPIC, and this freshly leaked track titled "Dimitri Mendeleev" clearly proves it.

Recently transplanted to the Twin Cities, Astronautalis will surely grace us with a totally awesome release party for the album as well (complete with special guests of the Doomtree variety--who also guest on the album of course!)

Check the track HERE.

The cover art is sweet too!

PUNY releases "Forest Face" mini documentary

Local interactive studio PUNY just released this hilarious mini-documentary in which owner Shad Petosky and crew go into the woods searching for magic with facial recognition software and a camera.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video: New local cover band Spearz covers Britney

How have we not caught onto this until now? A new local cover band, Spearz, that plays only Britney Spears covers has released a video for their cover of "I'm a Slave 4 U," and it's pretty awesome. It's kitschy and ironic, sure, but it's also GOOD. It helps that it's fronted by the honey-voiced, oh-so-cute prosthelytizing Moonstone frontman Micah Mackert, with some other familiar faces like Neil Zumwalde of ZibraZibra fame. You can catch the band on Sunday night at Honey. Check it out:

Via Spearz
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Monday, July 25, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Volunteers at the Soap Factory prepare the "Crystal Cavern" for next weekend's LARPing event. OMG we can't wait!

Steve Sundberg snaps some choice shots of the Art Car Parade.

AJ Janssen finds some interesting brats...and our minds immediately go into the gutter.

Kelly Healey snaps some summertime dance in the park.

Howard Christopherson posts some nice shots from the Highway 12 Photography Workshop.

Colleen Guenther captures some characters at the Bearded Lady Motorcycle rally.

Chat Roulette is still in style, just ask Chris Larson and friends.

National Camera Exchange posted submissions from their Minneapolis Park Board 2011 photo contest. Way cool!

Max Lohrbach and Maritza Ramirez give a birthday toast with UV's new Cake vodka! Photo by Christian Erickson.

Maria Hvidsten takes a jaunt to Pelican Rapids, MN and happens upon a 15ft monument to the town's namesake.

Tony Nelson shoots U2 at Target Field. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Beth Bowman snaps a pretty shot of Molly Roark's B-day cake (made by Aster Cafe chef Sheela Namakkal). Yum!

Photographer Chris McDuffie snaps some sexy season-appropriate fashion shots!

The Butters&Beans Kids grand opening brought out some extremely stylish little ones.

Fried Bologna Vintage celebrates its 1-year b-day with cake (whether there was bologna inside, is a mystery). Congrats!

Upload a cool pic this week? Send us the link for consideration in next week's edition to

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

This weekend was not all about U2, although SO many of you went to check them out. The rest of us went out and witnessed typical weekend debauchery; some went on blind dates and some were horrified by the Lyndale Ave naked guy. Yes, he exists.


A few local folks went to WI to see Bon Iver in concert. It was SO worth it.

Gross. The Slipknot shirt, that is.


Don't you hate it when that happens?


Oh, no.



U2 stopped by...


There is a naked guy on Lyndale?

Cool dads rock.

That's good advice.

He's in Mad Men, btw.

Jay was assigned to cover the #starkeygala. He dyed his hair red for the occasion.

We are so glad this date went well..



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