Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Diablo Cody rewriting "The Evil Dead" remake

Uh oh. News is circulating via a press release that went out today announcing that one-time Minnesota resident Diablo Cody is set to rewrite The Evil Dead remake that's being directed by Federico "Fede" Alvarez. A writer from wrote today: "Yesterday when I wrote about the fact that Federico ‘Fede’ Alvarez is directing the remake of The Evil Dead, our tweet of the article was quickly retweeted by Diablo Cody, with a little note: “Go Fede!” I thought that was slightly unusual..."

LOL/OMG's own @brokenhalo weighs in on the controversial and seemingly odd choice:

But Diablo herself has taken to Twitter to reassure the legions of Evil Dead fanatics:

Via @_taylor_ & @winnerbowzer
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