Monday, February 28, 2011

Pink Mink's "Seekin' Scott Seekins" video released

The long-awaited (by this, we mean a couple of weeks ago) video for Pink Mink's "Seekin' Scott Seekins" is now online, courtesy of MPLS.TV's City of Music and director Dan Huiting.

City of Music: Pink Mink from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Alongside Seekins himself, LOL/OMG's own Jahna Peloquin was an extra in the video (can you spot her in the white lady-Seekins outfit in a black wig and glasses?) and recapped her experience for, complete with behind-the-scenes photos.

Photos by @jahnapeloquin

Danielle Morris as Seekins and the real Scott Seekins. Photo by Christy Hunt

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Molly "Asshole" Priesmeyer taunts us with sunny photos from her vacation to Honduras.

Kelsy Johnston interview and shoots artist Caitlin Karolczak in her studio. More pix and interview at Secrets of the City here.

Minneapolis Arts Commissioner Ken Koense finds a classic display of public art.

David De Young visits his girlfriend in Finland and snaps this fun street pic.

Writer Cindal Lee Heart chills out. Nice composition!

Chuck Olsen snaps some great shots at the Wisconsin Solidarity Rally in St. Paul.

Dena Alspach's son plans on being a professional ninja when he grows up. 2QT!

Colleen Guenther poignantly captures our most recent snow day.

Boys will be boys? Musicians Jake BadNraD, Grant Mayland, and Matt Kamilar form a new yet-to-be-explained partnership under the moniker "Angel Babyz Escorts." We can't wait to see/hear what sort of hilariousness/awesomeness ensues.

Jordin Filas volunteers at the MN Reading Corps with his fellow 2010 One Man Minneapolis finalists. Good looking do-gooders? We can dig it.

This weekend, Minneapolis bid adieu to one of its true finest, Tucker Gerrick. Tucker snared an uber-sweet gig with a big skate shoe company in San Fran and has hit the road. We'll miss him immensely and we wish him tons and tons of luck! Photo by Louisa Marion Photography.

Maritza Ramirez gets whored up, Black Swan-style, in honor of the Oscars.

Oliver Kriston snaps El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus in their natural habitat.

Nicky Stein-Grohs catches her pup with an iphone. ha!

Janey Winterbauer and her brood take a jaunt to Lego Land.

Rik Horton stays classy with PBR.

An unfortunately familiar scene, but we like the shoes! Photo by Brian Hart.

Lindsey Tauer is enticed by a tray of "Beef Parties" (only $1.25, people!)

A gloomy and gorgeous shot from the window of Amy Rice's studio.

Upload a cool pix this week? Send us the link for consideration in next week's edition to!

Submitted by @TheIverson

Sunday, February 27, 2011

l'etoile magazine live-Tweets the Oscars

Last night, LOL/OMG's sister blog l'etoile magazine live-Tweeted the Oscars. A sample exchange:

Head over to l'etoile to hear Beth Hammarlund (@atinymachine) and Jahna Peloquin (@jahnapeloquin)'s brilliant, off-the-wall musings.

Weekend Twitterings

Hello everybody! Monday is here and so is the newest edition of Weekend Twitterings. It's good, trust us. You went to some really strange places, did some truly silly things, witnessed girl fights and what not. Also, we're happy to report that somebody finally explained the typical Downtown Minneapolis weekend dress code to us.

Jay's #partybus2011 tweets were positively hilarious. We seriously need to do this sometime.


Again, hot.

But, but.. it would have been such a great television moment if she actually said no.


This is 100% true.


JJ gets the triple tweet of the week honor for his coverage of some "burlesquey" event.


Mark is a good boyfriend.

It's a fair warning, don't you think?

Voltage 2011 is almost here!

No. No. No.

Was is to "I'm Every Woman"? That's a great song.


And the Best Oscar tweet goes to... Neil Olstad! You lucky son of a gun.

Submitted by @marrina.

Hot Dog & Whistle gets Laser Eyed

We can't get enough of Hot Dog & Whistle. Now, noted laser eye enthusiast Dave Annis has turned his neon gaze to the customizable cartoon in a mashup meme for the ages.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

Gawker picks up on MIA billboard vandal news

The recent vandalism of the MIA billboard advertising the new "Titian: And the Golden Age of Venetian Painting" exhibition has made national news, being reported in Associated Press and now New York news/gossip blog Gawker.

Despite museum officials encouraging the billboard to remain in its graffitied state, Venus has since been gone back to her nude form, thanks to the billboard company's policy regarding vandalism.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

Friday, February 25, 2011

Marijuana Deathsquads, Har Mar, P.O.S. play at L.A. strip club

For their gig last night in L.A., local acts Marijuana Deathsquads, Har Mar Superstar, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S., Spyder Baybie Rawdog and Slapping Purses took over strip club Crazy Girls. And the resulting Tweets and TwitPics were LOL/OMG-worthy.

Har Mar Superstar. Via @spyderbaybie

Marijuana Deathsquads' Ryan Olson & P.O.S. Via @spyderbaybie

Marijuana Deathsquad's Ryan Olson looks on. Via @kristoffer_k

And just cuz it's funny, here's a fan drawing for the Har Mar/Deathsquads residency via Har Mar Superstar's tumblr. If you're in the L.A. area tonight, don't miss the culmination of the Har Mar/Deathsquads weekly residency at The Satellite.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup #7 lineup announced!

After a brief hiatus we're back--and at a new home, no less! Join the LOL/OMG crew at the 331 Club on Thursday, March 3rd, for the 7th edition of our social media meetup and music blowout! Socialize with your Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare/etc friends IRL, drink some cheap dranks, nerd out, shamelessly hit on people, whatever...just be sure to tweet it so we can LOL/OMG you later! Official hashtag: #LOLOMG

RSVP to the Facebook event HERE.

In honor of our move to the 331 Club, we've crafted an all-star lineup with an experimental electronic twist that will blow minds and ear drums:




Submitted by @TheIverson

Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOL/OMG is heading to SXSW

Our very own Robyn Lewis - also known as the infamous @theBitchelor - is headed to South By Southwest in Austin from March 15 to 20. She'll be live-tweeting much of what she'll be up to from @LOLOMGSXSW. Yes, we know that it annoys some people with the incessant tweets from their usually-local friends who are down in the Texas sun while the rest of us are left here cold and envious, but Robyn has an all-access press pass and is going to all of the best shows. And we wouldn't be LOL/OMG if we didn't have the scoop.

Bonus: booze is often comped at these shows and nobody loves Robyn after a few beers more than we do - if nothing else you'll get honest, straightforward opinions of the bands she's going to see. It promises to be informative, amusing, jealousy-inducing and several other things along the way, but above all else it will be entertaining. We promise.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make your own Hot Dog & Whistle

The infamous Hot Dog & Whistle comic is the brain child of Minneapolis-based artist and freight broker Graham John Petersburg. Today, MPLS.TV is giving you the chance to make-your-own Hot Dog & Whistle. Provided today is a blank that you can update with color, text or colored text or none of the above or all of the above. Print it off or Photoshop it, and submit it to, post it up on the Hot Dog & Whistle Facebook page or just print it off (1000px wide version here). MPLS.TV will be posting the top versions on the site soon.