Monday, February 28, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Molly "Asshole" Priesmeyer taunts us with sunny photos from her vacation to Honduras.

Kelsy Johnston interview and shoots artist Caitlin Karolczak in her studio. More pix and interview at Secrets of the City here.

Minneapolis Arts Commissioner Ken Koense finds a classic display of public art.

David De Young visits his girlfriend in Finland and snaps this fun street pic.

Writer Cindal Lee Heart chills out. Nice composition!

Chuck Olsen snaps some great shots at the Wisconsin Solidarity Rally in St. Paul.

Dena Alspach's son plans on being a professional ninja when he grows up. 2QT!

Colleen Guenther poignantly captures our most recent snow day.

Boys will be boys? Musicians Jake BadNraD, Grant Mayland, and Matt Kamilar form a new yet-to-be-explained partnership under the moniker "Angel Babyz Escorts." We can't wait to see/hear what sort of hilariousness/awesomeness ensues.

Jordin Filas volunteers at the MN Reading Corps with his fellow 2010 One Man Minneapolis finalists. Good looking do-gooders? We can dig it.

This weekend, Minneapolis bid adieu to one of its true finest, Tucker Gerrick. Tucker snared an uber-sweet gig with a big skate shoe company in San Fran and has hit the road. We'll miss him immensely and we wish him tons and tons of luck! Photo by Louisa Marion Photography.

Maritza Ramirez gets whored up, Black Swan-style, in honor of the Oscars.

Oliver Kriston snaps El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus in their natural habitat.

Nicky Stein-Grohs catches her pup with an iphone. ha!

Janey Winterbauer and her brood take a jaunt to Lego Land.

Rik Horton stays classy with PBR.

An unfortunately familiar scene, but we like the shoes! Photo by Brian Hart.

Lindsey Tauer is enticed by a tray of "Beef Parties" (only $1.25, people!)

A gloomy and gorgeous shot from the window of Amy Rice's studio.

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