Monday, February 7, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Meredith Westin and Bobby Kahn sum up the World's Toughest Rodeo on TC Daily Planet here.

Artist Dillon Bakke shoots some skin at a party at 1419. Great shot!

Marc Davis is pretty in pink.

John Alspach sifts through a a collection of vintage bicycles. LOVE this logo!

Zeus Jones honcho Christian Erickson takes a hot self portrait.

Ken Hannigan gets a funny drive-by shot of some rabid Packers fans while in Wisconsin. Check the guy on the far left.

Danielle Morris dredges up a slew of epic old pix from l'etoile parties from 2006, including this hilar (and very sweaty) shot of Mikal and Esahn from Revolver Modele and Mark Mallman. LOL!

Chuck Olson of MN Original captures the vibe at the MIA's masquerade-themed preview party for the Titian exhibit. More pix here.

Pretty! Maritza Ramierz fashion as shot by Amy Gee at Spinario Design.

Torey Erin as photographed by Louisa Marion. Lovely!

Sean Smuda finds an amazing old pic of art scene characters David Foley and John Bodine in 1977. Foley commented on the pic: "We were at a party at 10th and Marquette.the building right on the corner.alot of artist have lived there. The Suburbs used to have a rehearsal space there on the 3rd flr. John used to do alot of work with Chuck Statler in the photo we switched glass and jackets.and those pants were tight i still can feel them" Ha!

Christina Bowers celebrates the first birthday of her adorbz daughter, Ella. We love the composition of this pic, and Grandps's Bill Cosby sweater.

Ned Lampert checks out a motorcycle trade show and finds an offensive example of the Papyrus font in play. Also "Boner's" shouldn't have an apostrophe!

Artist Michael Thomsen at work.

Hannah von der Hoff shot by Filipe Marques. Hotness!

Kelsey Johnston shoots and interviews artist Gregory Rose. Article and slideshow at Secrets of the City here.

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