Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Blog Alert

Local writer/journalist Molly Priesmeyer has a new Tumblr blog that you should know about. It's called Tiny Yurt and it's going to be a place for this prolific writer to.. well... write! The first post, published just this morning is a story of a guy named Shit Charlie. See, it's already good.

"Charlie didn’t call himself “Shit Charlie.” But he might as well have. Charlie fancied himself a superhero who could make bad things magically disappear. “Did they tell you about me?” he asked, his Texas drawl so thick it could hang suspended in midair all by itself, like paper strands of DNA. “If you crap anywhere in Northern Honduras. And I mean ANYWHERE. I’m the guy in charge of getting rid of it."


Make sure to follow Molly's blog here and she will (probably) follow you too!

Submitted by @marrina.

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