Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

There goes another weekend filled with art & music events and snow. Lots of snow. But hey, what else is new? Enjoy the latest edition of Weekend Twiterings!

Dre Day was a great success.

Blue Sky Blackout release at Cause was also a great success.

Sometimes, you just have to pretend you are married.

We could NEVER do this. Kudos to this guy.


Jay just can't get enough of this rose body lotion.

Markvomit is a great Twitter name.

Best spelling mistake of the week.

Police Academy 2?Police Academy 3? Or maybe 6??

Jon's all karaoke'd out. That's not a word, we know.

Robyn had a great time at Sims CD release at the Fine Line.

Our own Jahna.. not so much.


At the Walker. No, really.

Danielle is not a fan of Four Loko.


This is not OK.

Rybak takes it to the next level.


Submitted by @marrina.

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