Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Shad Petosky captures the perfect shot of a bride doing the Polar Bear Plunge at Lake Superior. Wow.

Yep. This pic just about sums up Sunday night. Laura Whinsey snaps Matt Murphy blowin' snow.

Jake Thompson glams it up for the cam!

Janey Winterbauer and Christian Erickson's son Dominic is going to be a cool adult.

Bobby Kahn whoops it up in the Playatta Video Portal at Recess at the Varsity on Thursday!

Dave Eckblad shoots Karissah Peterson at First Ave on Saturday night. Pretty!

Danielle Morris snaps some lonely hearts on the floor of Clubhouse Jager after l'etoile's "Paper Hearts" Valentine's party.

Kelsey Johnston shoots and interviews fashion designer Emma Berg at her home studio. Full slideshow and article at Secrets of the City here.

Zoe Prindes-Flash Photography gets some gorgeous shots at the Sims release show at the Fine Line.

Nick LeMere and Eric Adams get some cute v-day smooches in at the Birds & The Bees party at Honey!

Brian Hart snaps the snowy situation. Scream!

Metro Mag fashion editor Mary O'Regan stylishly embraces the Bill Cosby sweater.

Ravers do still Bassgasm. Full slideshow by Anna Gulbrandsen at City Pages here.

Can we please have Tucker Gerrick's apartment?

Jennifer Sandquist gets a cool shot from a ski lift!

Chuck Olsen checks out the dock behind the Sample Room in Northeast.

LOL/OMG's own @marrina jumps for joy in the snow.

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