Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Twitterings

You took it easy this weekend, guys. You danced at Bassgasm, you dressed up in '60s garb for's Mad Man Party, you didn't get that tattoo... See what else happened in this edition of Weekend Twitterings!

This is good news.
Party time.
Andrea went to #popcon.
Happy Birthday. We're glad you didn't get that tattoo.
Thanks Craigslist!
That's how Sexcats do it.
This party rocks so hard...

Submitted by @marrina.

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Sarah Edwards does some early morning slingshotting with her nephews.

Karl Pearson-Cater catches the North Star Roller Girls in action at last weekend's bout at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Stefani Arden snaps the scene backstage at the ARENA Bikini show at Calhoun Beach Club on Saturday night.

DJ Jake Rudh is mid-century perfection at the
Mad Men season premiere party Sunday at Jax Cafe.

Things got crazy at last night's
Freaky Deeky finale show taping - and Jay Gabler turned into a pumpkin. (Photo: Christian Tarbox)

Hal Schuler shows us what a Bassgasm looks like on Friday night at First Avenue.

Barber and Greenwich Vintage owner Mustache Mike set up a pop-up barbershop at the University of Minnesota during last weekend's Nerdery Overnight Web Challenge.

Erik Hess and Ben Clark have a nerd-off camera brunch at Muddy Waters. #meta

Nice Ride gets taken off ice for spring. (Photo: Amanda Chaffin Reddy)

Jon Hunt makes a cool find in the pocket of his vintage jacket.

Natalie Olbrantz gives the Instagram treatment to an old photo of her dad.

Mitch Kelly lays with some wacky chickens.

Marge Polomski snaps pal Raquel de Feuille... bear-tumbling.

Alicia Zobbe-Hogdal (aka @meatpit) enjoys a cocktail out of an appropriately scandalous mug. (Photo: Danielle Morris)

Jon Behm captures Elizabeth McDowell behind the keyboard wearing a Needle & Black tee during Baskuetto's set Wednesday night at the Red Stag for

Corey Tenold snapped a somber pic of his pooch, AJ.

Jaime Carrera wishes a happy third birthday to his cat Henri.

Andrea Swensson takes a moment to look at the cherry blossom trees while in NYC this weekend.

Amy Gee snaps the going away fete for fashion designer Maritza Ramirez and her boyfriend Darrin Salzmann in St. Paul over the weekend.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Battle of the cute Minneapolis indie boy bands

Hot off strong showings at SXSW last week, Minneapolis bands Howler and Night Moves both got nods of approval from a very Teen Beat-esque writeup from MTV, which practically squeals with adoration ("which added to their already adorbs charm," "These Minnesotans were hot, both in looks and from the Austin heat," etc.), which wasn't lost on anyone, including's Jay Boller and Night Moves' Mark Ritsema:

Hot or Not? Night Moves vs. Howler

LOL OMG indeed.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Brick Opens to Terrible Reviews

The Brick, Downtown Minneapolis' newest concert venue opened last night with a bang. And we don't mean that in a good way. Jane's Addiction performed to what seemed to be a very displeased crowd. We didn't actually go to the concert, but thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we got a pretty good idea of what the situation was like.

We checked out the Facebook page for the venue and.. well, here's a taste of what is going on over there.

For more local coverage go here, here and here.

Submitted by @marrina.