Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Local Music Fans Respond to Howler Controversy

It all started on Friday, when a certain music podcast was posted on Guardian's website. In this podcast, Jordan Gatesmith of local band Howler (which is super famous in the UK, apparently) dissed the local music scene, and gave a particular negative "shout out" to the 4onthefloor. Andrea Swensson didn't think that was very cool and she wrote about it on the Local Current blog. Becky Lang of the Tangential also wrote about it. Twitter and Facebook comments started pouring in. You know that else is hopefully happening? Tons of people in the UK are Googling "the 4onthefloor." Thanks Howler!

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  1. wow it is so pathetic to see all the "haters" post their blah blah because a talented local band has achieved a modicum of success. sad, really.

    also, who gives a shit about music journalists? i am one myself - not music specifically, but a food writer. so come-fucking-on: can you not decide for yourself what moves you in the most significant way possible? if you can't --- you are a fucking dipshit.