Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Happy Tuesday everybody! (Tuesday?!) Memorial Day weekend is behind us and it looks like you all had a pretty spectacular time in the sun. Well, except one or two people who got stuck at a frat party or had a flat tire. Minor stuff, really. Here's the new edition of Weekend Twitterings!

Are there videos from this retirement party?

They're bonding over their love for rock music. Cute?

We need to hear this story!

His family rocks, clearly.


A man can dream...

LOL. For reals.

Not necessarily. Can you still drink?


Summer outdoor festivals are fun!

Cool, dude.

Yes. Yes it is, R.T.

Texas is behind the times: chick fights are totally 1994.

We're glad we're girls.

They must have loved you :)

There is such a thing as a velour visor?

Submitted by @marrina.

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

@trikno gets a classic shot of the Tiny Tim star on 1st Ave's wall before it was painted over. WHY?!?!

Thea Jensen goes on a sailing vaca! 7am on the dock. (Too early for us!)

Peeps get buck wild at Soundset! Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster. Slideshow at City Pages here.

@stardahli snaps off this sweet twitpic of Atmosphere bringing Soundset to an apt close.

Token animal pic: Rob Callahan prop-styles a pup at Allegra Lingo's Memorial Day BBQ!

Jen Davis gives us a peek at her hand-painted Yoga mat designed for the SOOVAC's "Gorilla Yogi" show opening this coming weekend.

Kathleen Kvern captures a beautiful sunset. Wow!

Jason Albus travels to Brooklyn and takes too many good pictures!

Emily Wilson shoots some saucy shots of the locally-bred Har Mar Superstar gettin' fresh with some ladies. We're pretty sure this was for a video or photo project, but how very L.A.!

Gregory Euclide gets a totally cool shot of the cloudy summer sky.

Georgia Makitalo snaps a pic of this cool/strange flower, apparently called a "Passionflower." Neat!

Jenny Dalton and her friend Cody check out Franconia Sculpture Park on Memorial Day.

Emily Utne captures the high style of Emma Berg's Spring/Summer collection. Watch for a full editorial spread of this shoot to be featured on l'etoile soon!

Emily Konkler and her pal Matt get their stoop on over the long weekend!

Daniel Peet uploads a big album of his art photography. We especially like this one!

Damon Thrift and his costume designing bro, Yancy, spent Memorial Day Weekend creating an epic Captain America costume for Damon to wear to an upcoming Sci-Fi Con. We love this!

Colleen Guenther goes to the racetrack!

Papa Erickson snaps some Memorial Day Weekend kid antics. Cool light and composition! snaps this hilar pic of Twins player Justin Morneau with Captain Morgan and his lady-friends.

Upload a cool pic this week? Send it to us for consideration in next week's edition of This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures to

submitted by @letoilemagazine

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Limerick Day?

Well, if DeRusha can have his own day then there should be Limerick Day too, don't you think? Max Sparber sure does and he is going to do something about it! Max posted a link to an online petition he recently created that reads:

"We, the people of the Twin Cities and the broader area of Minnesota, petition Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis to declare August 8, 2010, to be Limerick Day in Minneapolis.

We petition this because the limerick, emerging from the midwest of Ireland, is one of the fine poetic traditions, and a democratic one, in that pretty much anybody can write a limerick. We offer this petition for the sake of encouraging Minneapolitans, Twin Cities residents, and Minnesotans in general to take up pen and author limericks of their very own, to express their experiences, their concerns, their thoughts, and, of course, their wicked wits.

We petition that August 8, 2010, be the date for this Mayoral Proclamation in order to coincide with the Twin Cities Limerick Contest, an opportunity for Minnesotans to write their own limericks, have them judged by a panel of local notables in the fields of poetry and wit, and celebrate the poetic form."

Sign the petition here and check out this wonderful, web appropriate limerick we found for you:

Submitted by @marrina.

Lt. Robyne

You know who had a crazy week? Robyne Robinson. The former Fox 9 news anchor of 20 years officially signed off the air last night only to announce (about 12 hours later) that she will be Matt Entenza's running mate in the Minnesota governor's race. Surprising? Not really; the rumors of Robyne's next endeavor have been circulating the local internetz for several days now.

The news of her departure from Fox was met with with a wave of disappointment from local fans, who didn't want to see their favorite anchor leave just yet. The news of her nomination, however, was met with a healthy dose of skepticism. Here's just a taste of Twitter rundown:

Submitted by @marrina.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Foursquare Meetup

An announcement came this morning straight from Foursquare headquarters ( read: their Tumblr blog) that another big meetup is on the way. Here's the scoop:

"After the overwhelming popularity of the first annual Foursquare Day
(4/16/2010), we realized there was demand for getting a bunch of you all together in one place. And then we were asked to be a launch partner for the new Meetup everywhere, which helps people who want to have foursquare meetups self-organize, anywhere in the world!

It’s simple: go to the foursquare Meetup everywhere page, and let others in your area know you’re interested, and then start discussing where to have your meetup."

Let's do this! Here's the page for Minneapolis , make sure you check in!

Submitted by @marrina.

Bye Bye Oak Street

This just in, vis Stuff About Minneapolis Tumblr : Oak Street Cinema is officially closing its doors to the public. Star Tribune reported several weeks ago that the cinema "is expected to be sold after the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival ends May 3." It appears that the local fire department paid them a visit in the meantime: this sign was spotted at the front door of the beloved movie theater saying the building is "unsafe" and that it needs to be vacated immediately.
Oak Street is (or was, at this point) a favorite destination for local movie buffs, since their repertoire included not only classic American films, but also a variety of foreign flicks and cult favorites. It is undoubtedly a sad affair, as one commenter says on Tumblr: "place that turned me into a pretentious film studies minor. Sad times."

Submitted by @marrina.

Another reason to love DeRusha

Hey @DeRushaJ, We fully endorse the Freedom & Happiness party.

Update: "This just in: @WCCO declined to reimburse me the $100 filing fee, so I'm out. (said the joke was only worth $25)"

We disagree! That joke is totally worth $100!

submitted by @letoilemagazine

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jeremy Messersmith: Outlaw

Our fave singer/songwriter Jeremy Messersmith has been touring the U.S. all by his lonesome for the past couple of weeks. What we would never would have guessed is that the gentle boy we know and love could be such a bad ass! We're not sure of the outcome of these tweets, but they did make us LOL. Hopefully J is not in the clink, but if he is, maybe he can sing his way out?

Submitted by @letoilemagazine