Monday, May 24, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Vanessa Messersmith snaps an iphone pic of this hilar billboard for USI Wireless. Vanessa says "Thanks USI wireless for being just like a prostitute." ha!

Rachel Thompson and John Wallace art direct l'etoile project manager Natalie Gallagher at the Jager Patio Party. Yes, she has lots of hair.

Matt Perkins helps set up the MPR Open House.

This week's token animal pic comes courtesy of Mary Lucia.

Karl Pearson-Cater's "Mugshot Monday" pic last week featured a vintage City Pages online mug from the mid-nineties.

Jeremy Messersmith is out on tour, but that hasn't stopped him from posting pics on Facebook. Apparently he was accosted by "radical atheists" on the U of Oregon campus.

Jane Belfry gets a new pair of Louboutins. Drool!

Former Minneapolis artist Ben Olson is all smiles (and new platinum blond locks!) at the opening of his first solo show in NYC. Congrats B! More pix and info here.

Sandra Zeches Jensen snaps the five finalists of the One Man Minneapolis contest. Cute!

Kim Supersonic and pals get rowdy at the Goth Prom!

Meredith Westin gets some awesome pix at the City Pages 'Best of' Party at the Varsity, which featured Dessa and No Bird Sing. More pix and a review at the Daily Planet here.

Glen Jones snaps the stylish set at the Summer of Dresses/Dapper bike ride.

Jake Rudh snaps Conan O'Brien in all his glory!

Christina Bowers takes a great photo of local artist Philip Noyed. Why don't we know this handsome fella?

Laughing ladies at the Pantages Theater!

@vruno is on a boat.

Amanda Hankerson submits a cool photo entitled "“Ilya in the Basilica of St Mary” to the Mpls Metblogs photo contest. Check the five finalists here. Awesome!

@trixifone fulfills a fantasy: "The scrapbook that waited 27 years for an autograph. Lovingly crafted by 13 year old Trixi, and presented to Colin Hay last night @ his Cedar show w/Geek Fangirl Panache."

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