Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robyne Robinson leaving Fox 9 after 20 year career

LOL/OMG's fave news anchor, Robyne Robinson, has decided to make her departure from Fox 9 News as of May 26. RR is making the big announcement on-air Tuesday night but the news broke via Fox 9's website first!

Robyne will be leaving Fox, her employer of 20 years, to focus on her career as a jewelry designer and will split time between her properties in Minneapolis and Santa Fe. While Robyne hasn't completely disregarded the idea of returning to broadcast news in the future, she plans to focus on creative endeavors for the time being -- and we think that's amazing!! We will, however, miss her pretty face on the nightly news!

Congrats Robyne on taking the creative plunge! We're excited to see what you do next!

ps-yeah we know, no social media component to this one specifically, but after we tweet/facebook this, we're sure you'll all have something to say!

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  1. Where's the dislike button? Her on-air presence will be sorely missed as will her delightfully snarky news-related tweets. Good luck, RR!