Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Mink is seekin' Scott Seekins!

Ha! We love this!!!!

Our pal Cyn Collins posted this little gem on her Facebook page: a grainy YouTube vid of NEW Minneapolis band, Pink Mink performing their song "Seekin' Scott Seekens" (Seekins, as you probs know, is the most recognizable artist in've definitely seen him!)

Says Cyn, "Christy Hunt (Ouija Radio, Von Bondies) and her brand spanking new band, with Arzu Gocken, Charles Gehr and Jacques Wait. See them at Grumpy's art-a-whirl 5:30 I think. Hopefully I'll get to book them at 501!"

Pink Mink is definitely some kick ass girl rock (with some boys thrown in the mix)! Not to mention, we'll pretty much get behind any band that sings about the amazing Scott Seekins. We hope Cyn books 'em for a Tuesday show at the 501 soon!

ps-How hard do you love the band name Pink Mink?!

pic by Karen Kopacz via

Submitted by @letoilemagazine

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