Monday, January 31, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pix

Stephanie Glaros snaps a snowy Target Field (and yes, the snowman is holding a homer hanky)

Tony Nelson beautifully captures the Best New Bands show at First Ave. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Kelsey Johnston interviews artist Sean McNulty. Full slideshow and article at Secrets of the City here.

Amy Gee is pretty dreamy!

Sean Smuda gets some great shots at the Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park!

Mike Minehardt captures a rockin' moment at the Ruby Isle "Appetite for Destruction" release show.

London-based Minneapolitain, Sarah Ditty, can rock a balloon hat like no other.

City Pages posts some great shots of Cliche's Avoid the Grey fashion show. Full slideshow here.

Stacy Schwartz plays with her Holga camera and gets some sweet art shots.

Colleen Guenther adds a little Spring to her Winter.

Christina Rimstad checks out the Beer Dabbler Winter Showcase at Mears Park.

Nancy Sartor gets a little production help. Aw!

16-year old fashion photog Jake Freeman shoots some glam.

Christian Erickson snaps pix at the SooVAC's Get Lucky benefit.

Sohail Justin Akhavein shoots some skin. Sex-ay!

Ryan Siverson snaps some rockin' shots at the Heroes benefit at the Varsity Theater.

Fancy Ray switches Facebook profile pix. Classic!

Isaac Arvold artfully shoots a sloppy snow mess.

Steve Sundberg captures the action at the Winter Carnival Parade.

We snap some legz at the Walker.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

Happy Monday friends! And it's going to be a snowy Monday too: the forecast says we're getting 3-6 inches of snow today (insert sad trumpet here). Luckily, you charged your batteries over the weeekend and that should keep you going 'till next weekend is here again. Enjoy Weekend Twitterings!

He totally would!


Well, there's a few actually.


C'mon, it's not that awful.

Walker After Hours party was great, as always.


The morning after.

These random tweets made us laugh.

Jayhawks played First Avenue on Saturday and Sunday.


Wait, what? $500 for a hospital holiday party?

We do too.


There's your new addiction.

You will never, ever recover from that experience.



Submitted by @marrina.

Michele Bachmann gets SNL'ed


via Bring Me The News

Why are we here?

Seven & Sixty Productions asks local residents why they live in the Twin Cities in this beautifully produced video.

Why We're Here: Twin Cities from Seven and Sixty Productions on Vimeo.

Via Secrets of the City

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Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Minnesota Beard-Off announced

It's mid-winter, and you know what that means - your beards are starting to get epically big. Cash in on your amazing beard with the Turf Club's just-announced 2011 Minnesota Beard-Off competition, happening March 26. They created a Facebook page in which you can post photos of your beard. You can enter now until March 15; the beards with the top 20 "likes" will proceeds to the March 26 finals at the Turf.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

The Jayhawks family tree

Our pal Andrea Swensson over at City Pages' Gimme Noise put together this ingenious family tree-style chart of local alt-country legends The Jayhawks - connecting them to everything from Soul Asylum to Prince to the Jonas Brothers. This girl's knowledge of local music - not to mention her handy chart-making skills - totally blows us away!

(Click to enlarge)

Via Andrea Swensson on Facebook

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

Worst. Date. Ever.

Girl goes on a date with a guy. He says things. She tweets about it. Hilarity ensues:

Via @vruno.

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