Monday, January 3, 2011

MC/VL final show moved to the 501 Club

The recent shake up over at the Turf Club left a number of upcoming shows displaced, including the much anticipated MC/VL final show.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining. According to Facebook the show has been moved to the soon-to-be closed 501 Club on Saturday, January 8th (the last day of the bar's operation, following the Curtiss A show). The 501 gets the blowout closing party it deserves, MC/VL gets to say goodbye on schedule and all is right with the world, sorta. As far as the Turf, word came down that it will officially re-open on January 11th under new management. Gimme Noise has the scoop via an interview with new manager (and longtime Turf drink-slinger) Josh James.

MC/VL Final Show & Album Release

501 Club / Saturday, Dec 8th / 9pm

Pink Mink
Slapping Purses
Kitten Forever
and special guests

For more details on the MC/VL show visit the Facebook event page here.

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