Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monster Drawing Rally returns this weekend

One of our favorite arts fundraising events of the year returns to Midway Contemporary Art this Saturday night! 50 local artists are set to create original works - live - while collectors and art lovers hover anxiously, trying to snare coveted pieces by their favorites before someone else gets to them first (for a mere $35 a pop, no less). The competition is often fierce but it's worth it - scoring sweet deals on works by top notch locals is the perfect way to start or add to your art collection. Not to mention, your moola goes to help support a local gallery. Win-win!

The Walker Blog has more details, including the list of participating artists and their time slots HERE.

Video from the last Monster Drawing Rally via 3-Minute Egg:

Artist Rob McBroom shared his plans for the Rally on Facebook. Each of these little "monsters" will be recreated on cardboard with McBroom's signature glitter, rhinestones, wing-dings, hoo-haws, and miscellany. Rob will be drawing in the last quadrant of the Rally, after 8pm.

Submitted by @TheIverson

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  1. the video keeps freezing for me, is emily kaplan involved in this? that woman can churn out awesome monsters like no one's business.