Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

501 Club closed its doors this past weekend and the farewell party that absolutely everybody attended was the most talked about thing on Twitter. In other news, a young gentlemen was kicked out of Jet Set on Saturday. (How does that even happen??) We also bring you the (mandatory) Four Loko tweet of the week. No, they are not sponsoring us, although we wouldn't say no to that opportunity. Enjoy the latest Weekend Twitterings!

I bet this happens all the time.

Making a snow angel is always a good way to end a fight.

(taking notes)

Bed would be good too, but hey, better your couch than somebody elses.


When you need Surly, you gots to get it.

Or boyfriends.

Please let us know who the dude is, so we don't make the mistake of sending him to buy booze.

Is Alex a vegetarian? Hm?

He probably just got out of a Country Strong screening.

Everybody had a great time at 501's closing night party.

Well, Katie almost had a good time.

Oh, definitely.

@mimi612 won the bet.


Raekwon is in town, yo.

Submitted by @marrina.

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