Monday, January 3, 2011

No more Maneater?

Food/sex bloggess Erica Rivera a.k.a. "Maneater" has been majorly rufflin' feathers of local scenesters with her juicy, TMI blog posts over the past year - many of which thinly veil their sometimes well-known subjects. However, it seems the naughty scribe is turning over a new leaf in 2011, partially due to a change in relationship status!

Rivera claims she's leaving her controversial persona behind "for the time being" to concentrate on a new blog entitled Yummy Luv. According to the former Maneater the new blog will be "more food focused, inspired by the grub my honey and I have made together (aww)."

So, ladies and gents, breathe easy, your debaucherous activities will remain off the interwebz..."for the time being!"

Submitted by @TheIverson


  1. eeeewwwwww why is she always laying down?

  2. why does she always look like a donkey just kicked her in the face?

  3. She's just awful.

  4. "awful" is putting it mildly!