Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TaulPaul Runs Into Morgan Spurlock

...on a JetBlue flight out of JFK. Notice the airline logo on his jacket. The dude is serious about promoting his new movie literally everywhere.

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Facebook Like of the Day


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Monday, April 25, 2011

National Geographic wants you to Visit Minneapolis

Yes they do! 10 Best Trips of Summer 2011 list that was released by editors of National Geographic Traveler puts Minneapolis at number 4.

A pedestrian-and-pedal-friendly downtown and welcoming Midwestern vibe make it easy for first-time visitors to quickly feel at home in Minneapolis. Snow can fall here from October to April, so the arrival of warm weather launches a full throttle, June-August celebration of arts, music, and cultural festivals (check out the Minneapolis Aquatennial, July 16-24); farmers markets (17); and fan-friendly Minnesota Twins baseball (played downtown at Target Field—ranked the top sports stadium in North America by ESPN The Magazine). Survey the vibrant scene from the new CRAVE restaurant rooftop patio near the State Theatre, then grab a bike at the nearest Nice Ride Minnesota kiosk ($5 plus trip fees) and cruise all or part of the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, a 50-mile urban trail loop.

Is this great or what?

Photograph by Bruce Kluckhohn, Getty Images.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Twitterings: Easter Edition

Happy Monday everybody! In this Easter Edition of Weekend Twitterings we report on several great concerts, family outings, food induces comas and even some celebrity gossip:


Who can blame him?

Just do it.


Hey, it's a fair warning.

We've seen multiple tweets about this mosh pit. Has Lecky survived? Anybody?

This is a tough one.

That's some old fashioned Easter fun.


This according to Twitter, went really well.

Raise you hand if you did exactly the same thing.


Not shocking.

Duran Duran and the Pixies stopped by.. The shows went really well.

.. except for this. And the fact that Simon Le Bon tweeted Minneapolis has crappy food.


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This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Jessa Alt walks the dawg.

Ryan Damian's bff doesn't want him to leave.

Jonathan Ackerman busts out the moped!

"Fancy Ray's Kinky Easter 3-Way"

Dessa snaps some roadside hilarity. Is that the dinosaur from Pee Wee?

Easter egg dying at the Alspach household is an artsy affair.

Pink Mink's Christy Hunt gets her perv on.

Dan Deacon it tears up at Gleb Bacon's house. Photo by Dillon Bakke.

Maneater serves up the Easter Bunny's head on a platter.

Rik Horton and his little pal go on an Easter egg hunt!

Jason DeRusha rubs it in from Phoenix.

Eric Melzer shows us where bacon comes from while on a recent trip.

Are these three going to fashion prison? Photo by Christian Erickson.

Sean Smuda gets all complex and French on us.

Sean McKenna snaps onward and upward!

Leave it up to Hell's Kitchen to make homemade Peeps. Yum/cute!

Peter Jamus snaps a vintage-esque shot before Fashion Dance for Life event.

Sohail Justin Akhavein snaps a street-side window scene.

Amanda White and friends enjoy an aerial performance. Love the composition!

Upload a cool pic this week? Send it to us for consideration in next week's edition to

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

City Pages Best of List twitter reactions

Earlier this week City Pages announced the results of their annual Best of the Twin Cities poll. Twitterverse immediately exploded with messages from winners, losers and those who just wanted to share their opinion:

Also, can we please talk about the awesomeness that is this cover?

Photo by @chrispavlic.

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