Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comcast is the Devil

Fancy Ray is looking gooood (of course) in a new USI Wireless commercial that was published on his YouTube channel last week. The ad was allegedly banned by Comcast as Fancy claims: "Comcast owns a monopoly on Cable TV Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota and refuses to play this competitors ad". Quick online research does not reveal much about it, so we're just going to have to trust this Minneapolis native and self proclaimed "Best Looking Man In Comedy".

As for Comcast, well.. they've been getting a LOT of media attention in the last 24 hours. Why, you ask? The New York Times reports: "Level 3 Communications, a central partner in the Netflix online movie service, accused Comcast on Monday of charging a new fee that puts Internet video companies at a competitive disadvantage." So much for Net Neutrality. If you feel strongly about this and want Comcast to back off, sign this online petition.

Nobody stands in between us and Season 1 of Hoarders on Netflix Instant Watching!

UPDATE: Star Tribune confirms: Comcast indeed refused to air the ad on the grounds that it was for a direct competitor of Comcast's Internet service. Read more here.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

T-Shirt for Zombie Killers

This Zombie Killers Union t-shirt by Kevin Hayes is SO cool.

Via Super Punch blog.

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This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Nick Wosik snaps Jeremy Messersmith at the Cedar, opening for Low. Full slide show at City Pages here.

City Slickers visit countryside. Are derailed by cows in road. Photo by Katie Nichol

Syril McNally looks good in black and white.

Jay Gabler and Jahna Peloquin give Thanks for "Chicks" magazine this Thanksgiving.

Does Taylor Carik prefer Megadeth over Metallica? We're still on the fence.

Amy Gee snaps sexy Sohail in Raul Osorio.

Artist Dillon Bakke gets a smooch at this month's editon of Menergy at the Kitty Cat Klub!

LOL/OMG pal Meredith Westin recently relocated to Barcelona but that didn't stop her from enjoying an American/Spanish-style Thanksgiving complete with cigs and booze.

Knol Tate's got an "eye" for photography!

A picture of a picture of Grant Cutler. Rock n' Roll!!

Erik Hess shoots the Goonda's performing at Replacements Tribute show at 1st Ave. Epic! Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Robin Bertuccelli and friends go fishing. Yikes!

We're obsessed with Ben Fredrickson.

David De Young enjoys Thanksgiving...in Finland!

Danny Sigelman enjoys an LOL-worthy "guys night out."

Andy DuCett captures white hell.

Joe Carl snaps the snow + a murder of crows.

Aww. Amy Rice's pooch is adorbz!

Hilarious and awesome local performance artist Jaime Carrera posts a saucy new profile pic! RAWR!

We don't really know what to say about this except that we're disturbed.

Teqen Zia Aida knows how to accessorize for Winter!

Sean McKenna apparently got his party on.

Upload a cool pic this week? Send it to us for consideration in next week's edition to omg@letoilemagazine.com

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Hello, hello and happy late Thanksgiving! We are thankful for your tweets every day (you know that, don't you?) and you did not disappoint this Holiday Weekend. Whose Grandma had Four Loko before dinner? Scroll to find out!

Beth is fun.

Yes and yes.

Put that on your resume!

Funniest Thanksgiving tweet. Ever.

We think about this quite often actually...

Jordan is hilarious.

Yep, we would run too.

That's how he rolls..

Kids today!



Awesome idea for a Birthday party.

They had to ask.

The word "jealous" doesn't even begin to describe.



You always take those right after you eat.

This is unclear.

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Scott Seekins Speaks!

Dave Campbell is interviewing local artist/Minneapolis icon Scott Seekins live on 89.3 The Current's The Local Show RIGHT NOW. It's a rare chance to hear straight from the mouth of the quiet artist, hear his local music picks and how music has inspired his art.

Some fun facts: Scott says he was born Anton in Eau Claire, where he was abandoned and later adopted (which is when he was renamed Scott); he formulated his trademark black and white looks inspired by vintage clothing shops when he was attending MCAD.

Click HERE for the live feed online or tune in at 89.3 FM.

Via The Local Show on Facebook

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ROBOTLove Closing

ROBOTlove, Minneapolis's no.1 store for limited edition designer toys, clothing, books, prints and magazines is closing its doors. The announcement from the store's owner Kristoffer Knutson came via Facebook this morning:

This holiday season will be the last for ROBOTlove.

I'm very proud of the wonderful 6+ years we've had together in bringing the best designer toys and artist collectibles to Minneapolis but the time has come for a change. On December 31st, ROBOTlove, as we know it, will no longer be and I'll have my weekends free for the first time since 2004.

Read the rest of the message here.

We are sad to hear that THE coolest store in town is closing, but also very excited to see what Kristoffer does next!

Bonus: Head over to ROBOTlove/Pink Hobo Gallery on Black Friday for the the Black Market Sale featuring a curated retail experience in the Pink Hobo Gallery featuring the work of Aesthetic Apparatus, Burlesque Design, Broken Heart Social Club, King Mini, Too Many Suitors and more.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"What the F**K are YOU Wearing?" goes to the Megamall

The adorable Ula Brown is back with another edition of her hilarious "What the F**K are YOU Wearing?" segment produced by MPLS.TV, this time hitting up the Mall of America. We're still LOLing about the custom keyboard cat skirt!

What the F**K are YOU Wearing? MOA Edition from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Via MPLS.TV on Facebook

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Next LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup & Rock Show 12/2

It's that time again! The LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup & Rock Show is back at the 501 Club for its fifth monthly installment on Thursday, December 2nd with a super hot lineup of bands! Social hour from 9pm followed by music at 10pm. Check in on Foursquare and show the bartender to score a FREE shot. Official hashtag: #LOLOMG

All The Pretty Horses (rare full band appearance!)

Paris 1919 (Chris "Twitter Kidney" Strouth's new experimental project! *live debut*)

Hastings 3000 (one man band + gas mask = awesome!)

Checkin' in with Coco & Breezy

Our favorite hometown twins have been taking NYC by storm this year with their heavy metal line of sunglasses (and their sparkling personalities). We knew it was only a matter of time before the girls got some super serious exposure. Whilst perusing Facebook this morning we came across a delightful post from the twinsies. Vogue? Yep. Vogue.

Not sure if it's related to this C&B blog post from Sunday, but either way, this is some fun news as well (note the studded Coco & Breezy shades in Willow Smith's twitpic, along the top of the image):

Bonus: C&B will be having a Black Friday sale on their site, so scoop up some shades for a steal!

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Minneapolis-St. Paul named one of best cities for live music

[First Avenue]

National live music portal Songkick has just revealed its list of the "Top 10 most rocking cities in the US by number of live rock shows per capita," and the Twin Cities snagged the #7 spot, just ahead of Seattle and Portland, with a comparatively low average ticket price of $11.36. Personally, we think we should have listed higher, but then again, they didn't figure in the chances of a Prince spotting.

Via Charles Gehr on Facebook

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Justin Vernon talks Kanye collab in Complex

[Photo: Nabil Elderkin/Complex]

As part of Complex's cover story on the making of Kanye West's just-released album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, we get a behind-the-scenes peek into the studio sessions that featured sorta-local-boy-done-good Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and local superground GAYNGS, as well as a lengthy quote from Vernon on how the Hawaii studio session came about.

[From left: Nicki Minaj, Kanye, Jeff Bhasker, and Justin Vernon. Photo: Nabil Elderkin/Complex]

Some choice quotes:

"I'm just a fuckin' lumberjack dude from Wisconsin. I'm not going to go out there and try to be this awesome rap guy."

"We heard that Kanye was gonna use our song ‘Woods’ for a sample—and then a couple of weeks later, we were hearing through his camp that he may want to come out here to Minnesota and record some stuff with me. He had a ticket booked and everything, but we had a bad snowstorm in Minneapolis so he couldn't come. He ended up calling me on the phone that day, just saying that he liked our shit and was interested in getting together...We talked for half an hour or so, and he told me to get on a plane and come out to Hawaii and work on stuff—so I got on a plane the next morning."

In related news, Star Tribune music editor Chris Riemenschneider just Facebooked that the album is "confounding/mind-blowing/game-changing," and "Suffice it to say something else just dropped off my tentative album-of-the-year list."

Via Gentry Boeckel on Facebook

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