Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comcast is the Devil

Fancy Ray is looking gooood (of course) in a new USI Wireless commercial that was published on his YouTube channel last week. The ad was allegedly banned by Comcast as Fancy claims: "Comcast owns a monopoly on Cable TV Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota and refuses to play this competitors ad". Quick online research does not reveal much about it, so we're just going to have to trust this Minneapolis native and self proclaimed "Best Looking Man In Comedy".

As for Comcast, well.. they've been getting a LOT of media attention in the last 24 hours. Why, you ask? The New York Times reports: "Level 3 Communications, a central partner in the Netflix online movie service, accused Comcast on Monday of charging a new fee that puts Internet video companies at a competitive disadvantage." So much for Net Neutrality. If you feel strongly about this and want Comcast to back off, sign this online petition.

Nobody stands in between us and Season 1 of Hoarders on Netflix Instant Watching!

UPDATE: Star Tribune confirms: Comcast indeed refused to air the ad on the grounds that it was for a direct competitor of Comcast's Internet service. Read more here.

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