Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Bits

We love it when local talent get recognized nationally. Point in case: Benjamin Fredrickson. We knew Ben was an amazing photographer and somebody with a distinct fashion sense, but did you know he designed clothes to? Just today, Ben told us via e-mail that a poncho he made was featured in the new Oakazine published by Oak NYC. How very cool!

Source: The Fashionisto

Ben recently moved to New York and now works for Oak. His friend Cameron Cooper was the stylist for the above photoshoot which is how this collaboration happened. Ben only only made two of these ponchos, so they can definitely be called unique. He also told us he's planning on pursuing photo career in NYC and doing more fashion related shoots.

And that's not all folks: another local fashion figure made a power move today, as announced via Twitter:
Congrats Allison!

Submitted by @marrina.

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