Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LOL OMG parties with Pete Campbell at Jager!

LOL OMG! We totes partied with Pete Campbell from Mad Men last night!

[Photo by JustJudyJudyJudy]

We were at our usual Tuesday night hangout, JagerCon at Clubhouse Jager, when our trusty eyes spied a dapper man in a Burberry trench coat who looked really familiar. It was none other than Vincent Kartheiser, who happens to be a native Minnesotan (he grew up in Apple Valley). It was only fitting that the guy who played Connor on Angel would show up unannounced at our weekly nerd night!

After waiting for him to finish a game of darts with some old high school pals, we made our move and chatted with the guy, who was already getting noticed by other bargoers (including blogger JustJudyJudyJudy. To our surprise, he was quite amicable and tons of fun and even took a ton of pix with us (including the below shot with our best Christina Hendricks sexy camera faces)!

Vincent joked about taking his pants off and dancing on the bar. Unfortunately, he didn't.

Then we asked him to do an old-timey dance and he did.

[Photos by Jahna Peloquin]

Of course, we had to break the news via Twitter:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Uncle Rico's Van Arrives in Minneapolis

Yes, THE Van from Napoleon Dynamite was recently purchased by a Minneapolite and it now resides "somewhere in Lake Calhoun area." The lucky owner is Mark Shields, (aka Super Genius), who added the vehicle to his ever expanding collection of famous movie cars (Mark owns a Batmobile, Back to the Future DeLorean as well as a brand new Bumblebee).

The van came with a certificate and a pair of moon boots in the bunk !!. Awesome, I know. Wanna know the best part: Mark is planning on renting the van (yes!). Check out the deets at and also, take a look at a few more photos from inside the van.

Photos by @johnnyfillman via Marrina.

Submitted by @marrina.

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Kelsey Johnston puts out her first "Studio Visit" photo series and interview with artist Andy McInnis. Full slideshow and interview at Secrets of the City here.

A good drinker should also be a good cook! Photo by Lindsey Tauer.

Rhea Pappas takes an underwater picture of an underwater camera. Kewl!

Mark Mallman never disappoints! Photo by Stacy Schwartz, full slideshow at here.

Satellite Voices add a new member and get a spiffy new profile pic.

We hope this is this guy's profile pic! Also, is that Hunter S. Thompson? Photo by Nick Grzechowiak.

Our WTF Pic of the Week comes courtesy of Rik Horton.

Meredith Westin and friends get, um, creative with Scrabble.

Designers Danielle Everine and Raul Osorio take their bow at the Pale Rider Fashion Show.

Paul Durham gets trippy!

Did Jake Rudh get thrown in jail for being cooler than everyone else? Probably.

Jay Gabler visits the Massachuttets seashore. Love the colors in this one!

Kenneth Alan gets arty in a car wash. We like!

Awwwwwwwwwww. Photo by Emily Utne.

The Erickson-Winterbauer fam takes a trip to Sever's Corn Maze. It's officially autumn!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Happy Monday everybody! Another exciting weekend of fun and games is behind us and you spent it dancing, not wearing pants, meeting Prince (?!) and all sorts of fun stuff. Enjoy the newest edition of Weekend Twitterings.

It should never be down.


Sometimes we gotta make tough choices.


Sometimes, it just tastes SO good.


Yep, you should have.

Hey, what matters is that you were in the running. Or does it?

Being under-dressed, in our opinion, is much worse.

No comment.




We need a TwitPic of this.


We're jealous.

That's how they do it.

Yep, that happened.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Local modeling agency controversy!

Local fashion insiders have no doubt heard of Vision Management Group and Ignite Models Inc., the two preeminent modeling agencies in the Twin Cities. Though the two agencies offer a very different roster of talent and have different specialties (Ignite is known for their fashion productions, while Vision focuses more of its energy on the national market), there's concern the two may share strikingly similar branding. (It doesn't help that the word "Envision" includes the word "Vision.")

Today on his personal Facebook page, Vision's owner Teqen Zéa Aida's posted this photo comparison of the Ignite-produced bi-annual "Envision: Artopia" show and Vision's logo. The fonts used in "Envision" and "Vision" are strikingly similar; Vision began using their logo in 1996, and the first Envision show was held in 1998.

The caption of the photo reads: "To this particular company - I say this, "Leave me, and my brand that I have given my life to for near 20 years alone. Find your own image/track record and brand identity - and work off of that."

What do you think - valid criticism or fluke?

UPDATE: Additional research shows that the Envision organizers began using this particular logo for their Spring 2010 show in April.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

Minneapolis Gets a Bunny

This just in: the Minnesota Vikings have signed free agent WR Hank Baskett to a 1-year deal. You know what that means, don't you: Kendra is coming to town! You remember Kendra Wilkinson as Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend and a star of her own reality show (let's not forget that sex tape). Today, Kendra is a full-time mom and wife of a footballer. Where is Kendra going to live? Who is she going to spend time with? Twitter is already a buzz and Hugh Hefner ( who remained a good friend of Kendra after the break-up) has chimed in:

You better bring those Uggs with you Kendra. And welcome to Twin Cities!

Photo via

Submitted by @marrina.

MNFashion Week in full swing!

We've been rather busy this week covering MNFashion Week, in case you were wondering where we were! Some of the best events of the week are poppin' off tonight and over the weekend, so check l'etoile's handy guide to plan your itinerary. Also check out l'etoile's blog for reviews, interviews and even a fashion photo shoot to get you in the mood.

In the meantime, check out this promo vid for Friday's anticipated fashion show, Pale Rider, featuring looks by Danielle Everine and Raul Osorio shot by LOL/OMG pal, Stephen Stephens. (bonus: l'etoile's throwing a fun after party for the fashion show too!)

Pale Rider, an MNFashion Production - September 24, 2010 from Stephen Squared on Vimeo.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

l'etoile releases their 2010 Fall MNFashion Week photo spread. Pictured: a look from Blasphemina's Closet with jewelry from Bionic Unicorn.

The girls whoop it up at the Envision fashion show on Friday. Slide show by Denis Jeong Plaster at City Pages here.

Dena Alspach takes in a little farm life over the weekend at the Tour de Farm dinner.

Anthony Enright goes-a grape picking.

Hal Lovemelt goes "all out" while on vaca. Unfortunately for you, he's blurred out the goods.

More inanimate objects a la Chuck Olsen.

South Lyndale Liquors finds some vintage Mad Dog hidden in the wall during remodeling. Photo by Christian Erickson.

Jill Yablonski and Tim Kresse get married...and end up shooting pool at Grumpy's!

Jayme Halbritter buys a canoe!

Dillon Bakke and MPLS.TV honcho, Dan Huiting working on a music video for Cloud Cult. Is that a bucket of fake blood in the background? Not likely but wouldn't that be awesome?

Sean Smuda shoots Speedboat Gallery founder, Riot Act Reading Series ringleader, and the punk poet of Minneapolis, Paul D. Dickinson.

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