Friday, September 10, 2010

MNFashion Flashmob today on Nicollet Mall?

MNFashion teased us a bit on the ye olde social media networks this morning, hinting at a fashion flashmob (dare we say FASHmob) happening today at lunch time--which we're assuming to be somewhere between noon and 1pm--on the corner of 5th & Nicollet in Downtown Minneapolis.

The model mob is likely in conjunction with tonight's national Fashion's Night Out event, and considering the location, probably has something to do with the MNFashion/Neiman Marcus fashion show collabo happening tonight.

So, if you work downtown, pop on over to 5th & Nicollet on your lunch hour to see what's in store. At the very least you'll get to ogle some models.

We'll post a video as soon as one's available!

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. A roving mob of failure so typical of Minneapolis.

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  3. haha @ CRCX. I wasn't really up on Flash Mob shit...thought I'd check it out today and nothing happened. #anticipationandthesubsequentletdown. sup. swag. @TroyEaves

  4. It wasn't a flashmob... it was a street team of two models taking photos with people and handing out flyers. Minneapolis, this is what a flashmob is:

  5. I hate to give criticism without a suggestion on how to make it better so this is what I was hoping for:

    Two lightrail trains arrive at the same time (it happened twice while I was sitting there) and two rows of 20+ models would descend from them and then weave together and proceed to do a catwalk down Nicollet Mall. Loud synthesized music would blare over the Metro Transit speakers. Models would then step into limousines waiting at 8th and Nicollet and then leave with our jaws dropped to the ground.

  6. Aw, that's too bad nothing happened. I had a grand vision of a bunch of chicks in tear-away power suits dancing to Lady Gaga or something. lol.