Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taylor Carik takes over MNSpeak/Secrets of the City

Today it was officially announced that social media dynamo Taylor Carik will be taking over Secrets of the City (formerly The Rake). We approve! Yours truly will even stick around as an editor. We're excited to see what Taylor does with the site, as he mentioned having it be more editorial content-heavy (read: Rake-like) once he gets organized. Personally, we're wishing for the return of the Vicious Circle, among other Rake-y goodness! What would you guys like to see return?

Matt Bartel posted this statement on MNSpeak today...

Dear MNSpeakers,

Today, the iron fist of the Bartel Cartel officially relinquishes control of Secrets of the City. Taylor Carik of |m|ediation and Bring Me the News will be taking over effective immediately. We’re excited to put the site in the capable hands of someone who has already been very active in the Twin Cities online community. Kate Iverson will also be sticking around to keep doing her daily Secrets thing. I’ll let Taylor tell you what else he has in store.

Thanks so much to all the people who have contributed posts and comments to MNSpeak over the years. And another big thanks to all the advertisers. I hope you’ll all stick around for a long time to come.

Peace out,

Matt and Kris

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