Monday, September 6, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

New local Celtic punk outfit, the Peter O'Tooles released their first promo pic this week.

Johnny Fillman checks out the new Manufactory store on Lyndale. Cool shot!

A dude and a dress form. We don't like that look in his eye! LOL

Sean McKenna captures a serene summer day on the lake.

Just one of many brilliant Ren Fest shots from Colleen Guenther. She blows our mind!

We're not going to pretend we know what's going on here, but we like it. Photo by Jesse Siegel Homerr.

When @christocollins, @missinesss, @volnessj and @barbara_paz get together, culinary magic apparently happens!

WTF Pic of the Week: Sean Smuda snaps the closing-weekend shenanigans at the Bedlam. Shenanigans indeed.

Christian Erickson gets a fantastic shot of the Agriculture Building at the Fair. Gorgeous light and composition!

Erik Hess visits the State Fair for the first time and gets a totally kick ass Kiss shot. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

We're going to look at this picture every time we get stressed out. Photo by Rhea Pappas.

Carlos Martin Garay reflects on high fashion.

Nick Grzechowiak snapped this cool shot while on weekend vaca with his wife and son. Love the composition!

Steve Laehn snaps his friend Paul through a glass of water (or maybe vodka?) and applies a tilt shift iphone filter to it. Neat.

Jon Behm captures the nerdiness of the Twilight Convention at the Minneapolis Hilton. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

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