Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Submit your video for "Sweat up in my Creases"

So you think you can be a hip-hop star? You can try, by participating in "Imma drop a rhyme for SWEAT UP IN MY CREASES" contest. Want to know more? Of course you do.

We recently got an e-mail from our buddy Nate about this potentially viral initiative. Here's the dealio: Paula Biondich was really hot at work one day. She (jokingly) started crowd sourcing hip-hop lyrics to the verse "Sweat Up In My Creases"

Nate says "She wound up getting hundreds of submissions, and has since gotten recording talent and voice talent to volunteer to create a real hip hop song." Now, the song needs a video and Paula decided it would be best to crowd source that as well: "...all we need you to do is film yourself singing/acting/owning "Creases." Send in your webcam, iphone, video camera, any video device videos."

Here's how you can upload your version on"Creases":

1. Go to https://www.yousendit.com/
2. From: (your email address)
3. To: pbiondich@mono-1.com
4. Then attach your video file (you can send up to 100 megs for free)

Deadline is October 15, 2010.

For more info go to Imma drop a rhyme for "SWEAT UP IN MY CREASES" on Facebook.

And here's this, for your inspiration

Bully stole my Reese's Pieces /

Workin' on my Masta's Thesis /


I got sweat up in my creases.

Submitted by @marrina.

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