Thursday, September 16, 2010

$1 Subs at Jimmy Johns today from 11am-3pm

Not sure what you're doin' for lunch today? Have an extra hour or so to wait in a long line of cheapskates to score a $1 sandwich? Well, if so, head to numerous Jimmy John's locations today for Customer Appreciation Day from 11am-3pm and get any 8 inch sub for $1. We're not sure it'll be worth the hassle because everyone and their mom is tweeting/facebooking about it, but hey, a cheap sandwich is a cheap sandwich. Limit one per customer per location.

Minneapolis locations: 3001 Hennepin S., 88 S. 9th St.; 600 Hennepin Ave. S.; 200 6th St. S.; 2037 Riverside Ave.; 404 14th Ave. SE; 1 W. Franklin Ave.; 2317 18th Ave. NE.

St. Paul locations: 975 Grand Ave.; 2053 Ford Pkwy.; 2127 Old Hudson Rd.; 5 W. 7th Place; 523 Jackson St.; 2446 University Ave.; 1532 W. University Ave.

For suburban locations and more deets click here.

UPDATE: This is apparently a union-busting effort (thanks for the tip anonymous commenter) local Jimmy John's employees are unionizing AND on strike:

MINNEAPOLIS– Sandwich workers at nine Minneapolis Jimmy John's locations made history this morning as they filed for the first-ever National Labor Relations Board union election at the national fast food chain. If a majority of workers vote in favor of unionization, franchise owner Mike Mulligan will be legally bound to negotiate with a bargaining team elected by his employees.


  1. Before lunch, you should know that Jimmy John's workers are unionizing AND on strike.

    This sale is a union-busting effort. Think about what you're doing before you cross a picket line.

  2. A simple Google search turns up Customer Appreciation Days around the country, and in 2009. So the assertion that this sale is a union-busting effort is highly questionable, at best. It seems more likely that the union timed their filing to try to attract attention during the sale.