Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jake Rudh in top 10, competitors close on his heels!

As you likely know, local Transmission DJ, party starter and friend to all, Jake Rudh, is in the running for a walk-on role on the hit show Mad Men. Jakes fans, friends and supporters have kept him in the top 10 for the past week or so -- where he'll need to stay if he's to be considered for the roll. With a couple fierce competitors trailing by a mere handful of votes, Jake's top 10 position is somewhat precarious.

The beloved local DJ and all around good guy has promised a killer party if wins - and when Jake throws a party it's guaranteed to be epic.

So, if you want to see Jake on Mad Men, or just want to go to a potentially awesome "thank you" party - VOTE here! We'd love nothing more to see this dapper gent make a cameo on his favorite show. Voting ends Friday, so time is of the essence. Just one click and a captcha and it's done - 15 seconds tops.

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