Saturday, September 4, 2010

Transmission NYC launches

It was only a matter of time. We discovered via Facebook today that Jake Rudh's beloved, 12-years-running dance night Transmission has gone national! Two Transmission regulars who have made the move to the Big Apple, Di Medlock and Hilary Davis, are behind New York's version, Transmission NYC (which will be monthly instead of weekly, but stick to Wednesday nights). The music playlist promises a bunch of Transmission favorites: Brit pop, new wave, indie rock, punk, mod, electro and more. (The flyer illustration is by a Minneapoline as well, Gina Schiappacasse.)

Though not directly related to Transmission, Rudh purportedly gave the go-ahead on the two using the name, according to Medlock. Davis adds, "To be clear, we're not trying to copy him - this is an ode to Jake!" We're sure the two Transmission devotees will do their best to do Rudh justice.

The first edition is planned for Wednesday, September 15 at 200 Orchard. Click for the Facebook invite.

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