Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LOL OMG parties with Pete Campbell at Jager!

LOL OMG! We totes partied with Pete Campbell from Mad Men last night!

[Photo by JustJudyJudyJudy]

We were at our usual Tuesday night hangout, JagerCon at Clubhouse Jager, when our trusty eyes spied a dapper man in a Burberry trench coat who looked really familiar. It was none other than Vincent Kartheiser, who happens to be a native Minnesotan (he grew up in Apple Valley). It was only fitting that the guy who played Connor on Angel would show up unannounced at our weekly nerd night!

After waiting for him to finish a game of darts with some old high school pals, we made our move and chatted with the guy, who was already getting noticed by other bargoers (including blogger JustJudyJudyJudy. To our surprise, he was quite amicable and tons of fun and even took a ton of pix with us (including the below shot with our best Christina Hendricks sexy camera faces)!

Vincent joked about taking his pants off and dancing on the bar. Unfortunately, he didn't.

Then we asked him to do an old-timey dance and he did.

[Photos by Jahna Peloquin]

Of course, we had to break the news via Twitter:


  1. Had a blast with you guys last night! Great post & great pics. Cheers - Judy

  2. Apparently this shirt lies then:

  3. I'm sure it was lots of fun. But, OMFG, what a bunch of vacuous morons you are.