Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Night Dance Party returns to 1st Ave

If you're like us, you came of age in the early '90s. And what was the "scene" for underagers back in those days? Sunday Night Dance Party at 1st Avenue, of course! The all ages dance night introduced us to a whole world of cool music and cool peeps - and got us into plenty of fun trouble (and no, we won't tell you the stories!). Before the internet took hold of our social calendars (and before we were actually allowed into bars) it was all about what was on that xeroxed monthly 1st Ave flier.

DJs Jonathan Ackerman and Travis Stearns of the Moongoons recently posted a Facebook event declaring the triumphant return of the night (though no word on if it's just a one-off or an ongoing thing yet). A while we're obviously too old to enjoy such a thing (at least not without seeming creepy) we still give props to the boys for resurrecting such a fun, nostalgic event!

The quintessential Twin Cities dance party is returning to the Mainroom! Back by popular demand, on Sunday, September 26, The Moongoons, PD Spinlove, Mike 2600, Plain Ole Bill, Famuel, Soviet Panda, The Stay Spun and more will pick up right where the legendary night left off. Dust off those dancing shoes, it time again to turn Sunday night into the ultimate dance party.

September 26th,
7pm till 2am All Ages until 9:45pm, 18+ after 9:45pm 3$ with RSVP, 5$ without RSVP at

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