Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Michael Gaughan & dog make Fail Blog in Annie Larson sweaters

We are LOLing at the news that local artist Michael Gaughan wound up on Fail Blog's Poorly Dressed outpost for a photo of him and his chihuahua wearing matching patterned sweaters knitted by amazing local designer Annie Larson. For the record, we dig the sweaters - and Michael.

And some choice comments by blog commentators:

Via Michael Gaughan on Facebook

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Video: Gramma's Boyfriend performs for City of Music

Haley Bonar's new side project Gramma's Boyfriend just got the City of Music treatment, courtesy of MPLS.TV and our pals over at Gimme Noise, as directed by the amazing Dan Huiting. The new project includes Bonar’s longtime mates Michael Lewis, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Luke Anderson, and Jacob Hanson, but is decidedly rowdier than her solo material.

City of Music: Gramma's Boyfriend from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Via @danhuiting

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The boys of Burlesque hang with Shepard Fairey, Billy Idol

Wes Winship and Mike Davis of local screenprinting and design group Burlesque of North America got a special treat while in L.A. yesterday for Mike's bachelor party to visit MOCA's new street art exhibition: a guided tour by none other than renowned street artist Shephard Fairey and one of his best-known subjects, Billy Idol. Apparently, Shephard is a good friend of Wes. Can't get a much better wedding gift than that. They snapped this group pic:

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Messersmith + Daytrotter = Awesome

Jeremy Messersmith's been getting a lot of love on the internet over his Daytrotter Session recorded last week at The Horseshack studio in downtown Rock Island, Ill. For those unfamiliar with Daytrrotter recordings, they are made with "minimal mic’ing, through discrete preamps and with some limiting to the mixing console, where they are printed to 1/4” analog tape running at 15 inches per second (usually BASF 468). The analog master is later transferred to a computer and converted to MP3." And no, we don't know what any of this means, but we know it sounds cool.

To listen to the session click here.

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney.
Via @jmessersmith.
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Weekend Twitterings: Memorial Day Edition

Happy Tuesday everybody! This long weekend was pretty great, right? Let's see: you went to drag shows, block parties, Soundset festival, barbeques... yep, summer is definitely here.


No, it is not.

Oh, Fox 9..



Mallman killed it indeed!

Also: glitter!

Summer, summer, summertime...

Hey, it was really hot outside!

This is too funny.

This happened in Denver, NOT Minneapolis.

She's got Bieber Fever!

These guys look like they're having a great time..

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This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

LOL/WHAT? Photo by Brian Hart.

Ben Clark captures the essence of P.O.S. at Soundset.

Mary O'Regan takes us behind the scenes on a shoot for Minnesota Bride.

It's sangria season at Tristan Cole's house! Photo by Hadley Wilson.

LOL/OMG's own @marrina gets into the bike spirit.

Michelle Henry and friend take doggy Albert on a cruise. 2qt!

BRLSQ's Mike Davis' bachelor party in L.A. didn't have strippers, but it did have Shepard Fairey and Billy Idol?

"I'd do me." Photo of Ben Fredrickson by Ben Fredrickson. #lovethis

Street artist Erik Burke/Over Under was just opened an exhibit at Mpls' XYandZ Gallery, but this week he hit Barcelona.

Adam Marx (Seawhores/Votel) makes music happen at Heliotrope 8. Photo by Sharyn Morrow.

Teqen Zéa Aida's pup is the picture of perfection (and adorableness)!

Richard Anderson aka Bitch Flowers celebrates his annual birthday bash "April Flowers Bring Bitch Flowers" with a grope at the Varsity.

Taylor Ann Dahlin gets up close with Mallman at the Memory Lanes Block Party.

Angie Arner supports organic farmers...and we love baby cows!

Gabler goes to 'Sconny.

Christian Erickson goes to the Science Museum and snaps a slew of artsy detail shots. Like!

Photog Marissa Ann Griffin snaps Liz O'Malley enjoying a double scoop. Cute!

Eeeeeeee! Photo by Dave Em.

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