Monday, May 9, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Christian Erickson checks out the Frank Gaard show at CO Exhibitions.

Denis Jeong Plaster shoots the Yelle after party for City Pages. Full slideshow here.

Rachel Moondancer vamps in a hallway. We like!

Cindy Ivy snaps some choice shots at a party in the Neddie's Warehouse.

Ann Evans posts a pic of her little ones in big tutus. One word: JEALOUS!

Sean McKenna snaps some tulips. Springy!!

Rhea Pappas and friends take their boat out for the first spin of the season.

Anne Labowitz works in her studio.

Brad Ogbonna snaps French popstress Yelle, on location for a video shoot with the talented Dan Huiting and crew.

Artist Caitlin Karolczak's unveils a lovely new painting at a Kim Meshbesher's cocktail party/Stephanie Lake trunk show.

Kris Vruno and pal get gussied up for the Kentucky Derby!

Joe Aschebrock unearths some vintage fun from his childhood. We def had some of those tapes!

Amanda Chaffin's on a boat.

Fashion designers Maritza Ramirez and Raul Osorio had a Chola/cholo themed Cinco de Mayo party.

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